Say it ain’t snow! Winter weather is a possibility for the third-straight weekend.

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Travis Long/

A bit of snow threatened to either ruin or enhance a third-straight weekend, as the Triangle again cast its eye toward ominous weather.

Three days out, the chances are highest for nothing but cold rain, but the forecast Friday into Saturday calls for a dusting to as much as an inch of snowflakes.

After a holiday-weekend ice storm and then last Friday’s 3-inch dump that hasn’t totally cleared, the mood for some across the Triangle is no longer as giddy.

“This could be one of those snows that happens while everyone sleeps,” said Don “Big Weather” Schwenneker, ABC11 chief meteorologist.

Raleigh has suffered a January full of “weather whiplash” as 79-degree days turn to sub-freezing slip-and-slides.

Just last week, the snow forecast shifted from 6 inches to 1 inch overnight, finally delivering more like 3.

But this is, after all, January.

“I’d rather tell people,” Schenneker said, “than not have them be prepared.”

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