Aho rues lack of Canes scoring as Rangers level series

The Carolina Hurricanes have let a two-game lead slip in their second-round Stanley Cup series with the New York Rangers.

Video Transcript

SEBASTIAN AHO: I'm confident that eventually they're going to find a way back in the net. Maybe as a forward group, we can do a little bit better to be in his eyes. You still loose pucks out there, you know, the first, seconds, and thirds and dirty goals. I mean, and you know, you get one of those, you get confidence in you. All of a sudden, you get all kinds of goals. So I'm confident that this group can score enough goals to win the hockey games.

To be honest, I really don't pay attention on when I'm preparing for the game, like who is at the net. It's more like how to create those chances, and how to-- you know, just sometimes it's just the best ones are like rebounds, and quick one-tees. It's not going to be always bardown on the rush. We just have to find ways to score.

I mean, we didn't score, so. We got to score on power play. But I think, especially in the second, I think we're on the third period, second power play, we had some looks. And I had one grade-A and I just got to be a little bit sharper there and put it in.

We know we have a fifth game ahead of us at home and that's all we think about. We want to win that hockey game and move on.

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