Agent suspended after fight with woman yelling slurs at TX airport, Spirit Airlines says

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Screengrab from DTX Daily video

Viral video of a fight at a Texas airport ended with an airline employee suspended, according to Spirit Airlines.

The fight took place Thursday, Aug. 11, at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Spirit Airlines said in an Aug. 12 statement to McClatchy News. DTX tweeted a video of the fight that went viral — over six million views in 24 hours.

In the video, the airline agent — wearing a maroon shirt — and a woman are heard yelling at each other.

“You have lost your mind, don’t touch me ever in your life,” the agent yells in the woman’s face. “You touched me first and then you got in my face. Don’t ever invade my personal space.”

The woman yells back, “Get out of my face, get out of my face!”

“Stay out of my personal space,” the agent says as the woman yells homophobic and racist slurs, pushing his chest.

A bystander intervenes, trying to separate the pair. The woman reaches around the bystander and swings at the man’s face.

She runs, tripping on a row of chairs, as the agent comes after her, also losing his balance and falling on top of her. As the two get up, the agent hits the woman on the back twice.

The woman runs off camera as more people — including those who look like airport employees — surround the agent. He attempts to go after the woman again, but more people intervene, trying to break up the fight.

“I’ll fight whoever!” the agent yells repeatedly, facing off with another bystander. The video ends.

Spirit Airlines told McClatchy News that the agent involved was employed by an airport vendor and has been suspended. “Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter,” the company said.

The video shows the date “7/11/22,” but Spirit Airlines confirmed the altercation took place on Aug. 11.

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