Against all odds, Phil Collins just got his Miami mansion back from his ex. What’s next

Madeleine Marr
·2 min read

Orianne has left the building.

She’s out of there — Phil Collins’ ex-wife turned ex-girlfriend, Orianne Cevey.

It’s been a long few months, but the Genesis rocker may finally be able to get some peace.

A judge ordered that Cevey vacate the Miami Beach property, along with her new husband, musician Thomas Bates, and they complied.

The ‘siege’ of Phil Collins’ Miami Beach mansion continues: His ex wife just got served

The newlyweds, who got hitched in Las Vegas over the summer while Collins and Cevey were still living under the same roof, have decamped to a $5.5 million spread in Fort Lauderdale.

Earlier this week, she posted a pic on Instagram popping a bottle of champagne. We are not sure if it was for the new administration or her emancipation from legal drama.

Word is Collins wants nothing to do with 5800 North Bay Road anymore and we can’t say we blame him.

And the 69-year-old music legend no longer has any ties to South Florida, as his older son Nicholas, 19, tours with him and his younger son Matthew, 15, is in boarding school abroad.

Maybe now it’s time for a follow-up to the 1982 album, “Hello! I Must be Going.”

As their battle over his mansion rages on, Phil Collins’ ex makes a big purchase

As locals, we have to say we are relieved this tawdry chapter is over. It seemed like yesterday when armed guards were stationed at the waterfront house and real estate agents were prevented from entering.

Not anymore. The gorgeous, massive spread that Collins bought for $33 million in June 2015 is under contract, The Real Deal reports. It went on the market in December for $40 million with a listing by Jill Hertzberg, of the Jills Zeder Group at Coldwell Banker.

If the deal falls through, and you have a few million lying around, snatch it up. The beleaguered drummer’s scandal will be a great conversation starter for cocktail parties when, of course, they’re a thing again.

Bonus: The house used to belong to JLo.