New advisory business to empower Indigenous prosperity through "Reconcili-Action"

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VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 26, 2022 /CNW/ - What do you get when you have a group with over 200 years of experience in working with Indigenous People around the globe? You get INDsight Advisers—a team of the most experienced gurus providing expertise and knowledge in working with Indigenous communities, business/industry, and government for potential Canadian and international clients.

John Helin is a Ts'msyen leader who successfully led his community through multi-billion dollar negotiations in the energy industry. He said, "When I was growing up, the last opinion sought about major projects in our traditional territory were the people who owned it. Our group has collectively learned that Indigenous people are not opposed to development, but it has to be on terms that meet their cultural and environmental interests."

"A page has been turned on the international stage so that addressing Indigenous concerns about important developments in their territories is not just a courtesy, but fundamental to their success. It is not just a requirement, but if approached in the right spirit it is simply smart business." noted Te Taru White, a Maori community and cultural leader from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who is affiliated to the tribal entities Te Arawa, Tainui and Ngati Porou.

Dave Tuccaro, a most successful entrepreneur and leader from the Mikisew Cree First Nation suggested, "If I knew when I started out what I know now, I could have saved tons of energy and resources. It just makes good sense to provide this knowledge and experience to Indigenous communities, the business community and industry, and government."

Darrell Beaulieu is Dene from the community of Ndilo in the Northwest Territories who has led economic development and business entities for Indigenous communities. He commented, "Our communities need housing, healthcare, and proper infrastructure. We have been a reactionary economy, waiting for the next best project to come along, we need to take care of future generations now through carefully planned and strategic action."

"The worldwide Indigenous economy is growing rapidly and can be accelerated with the appropriate advice to ensure they can capitalize on such opportunities for the benefit of communities," commented First Nations' professional Justin Molander. This notion was echoed by James Kennedy, "The poverty of the Indigenous owners of the lands is sad and appalling. Corporations and industry are a key part of the solution in bringing real prosperity."

Calvin Helin is from the Ts'msyen Nation with extensive experience as a senior business executive, lawyer, and as best-selling author on topics focussed on lifting Indigenous Peoples out of poverty. He said, "Development is not a bad word if it is done appropriately. We have to have the insight to convert reconciliation to "reconcil-action" to transform healing and understanding into tangible community benefits and opportunities."

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