The advice Chris Boucher gave Christian Koloko

On the latest episode of "Hustle Play with Chris Boucher", Boucher reveals the most important advice he gave Christian Koloko this season. The full episode can be watched on our YouTube channel or listened to on the Hustle Play podcast feed. Photo credit: Louis Eng

Video Transcript

- If you want to learn about the city, Chris Boucher, this is the right guy to go to.

CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: Yeah, definitely.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Listen, if it's not a restaurant, man, you know, really ain't going to see me like that. I just got a place now. I stay home a lot, so.

- What has he been teaching you so far?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Stay out of the streets.


CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: He's been helping me a lot, you know? Chris is one of the-- I'm going to call him a vet because he's like a vet for me. So he's one of the guy who's always talking to me during the games. Even off the court, he's always talking to me, just being there, like, being like a big brother for me. So he's always there for me.

And he's been helping me a lot just to adjust to the NBA life and all those stuff. So yeah, I'm really thankful to have him--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Well, we're working out together, too.

CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: And that's true, we're working out together.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Because Jimmy Sann is, like, the one that takes usually the young bigs on the team and work it out with [? us. ?] So you know, I'll be working out with him. And yeah, he has the same, you know, motor and all that. So it's really easy to help him. He wants to learn and all that.

So he does a really good job, you know? And yeah, I saw it. And it's really good to have somebody like that that comes in the league, is hungry, and wants to do good, you know? You don't want to help somebody that's just too cocky and doesn't want to listen sometimes, So.

- I hear that. Now, what is the best piece of advice you've given him away from basketball?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Stay [? off ?] the street.

CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: (LAUGHING) Stay off the street.

- What do you mean by that? What are you talking about?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I'm saying, like, there's time to play and to be around and all that. And then obviously, like, he has-- compared to a lot of the rookies, he has-- he played a lot of important minutes. And he plays all the time. He's got to take care of his body and all that.

So you know, I think he has to keep his mind into the game, you know? Obviously, he has a big role for us. And I think the right thing to do right now is to focus on that, and obviously get a good routine and all that in his career. And then after that, you could do a lot more stuff, man.

Until you got it figured out, stay in your lane a little bit. Because Toronto's a big city. And every team that comes here, they party before. And then they get their ass beat by us, you know what I'm saying? And it's for a reason.