Advancing Sam Altman’s ‘doomsday AI project’ - Tech & Science Daily podcast

OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman (Eric Risberg/AP) (AP)
OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman (Eric Risberg/AP) (AP)

The sacked - and then re-hired - founder of OpenAI has fuelled speculation around its reportedly super-powerful, secret artificial intelligence programme - codename: Q*.

It comes after employees suggested the software could already pass mathematics exams and undertake critical thinking tests.

But now in an interview, Altman has not denied the existence of the programme, instead describing the incident as an “unfortunate leak” at the Microsoft-backed company best known for its ChatGPT bot.

In an interview with The Verge, he stopped short of denying the existence of Q*, instead saying they “expect progress in this technology to continue to be rapid”.

For Grand Theft Auto fans, there’s just one more sleep to go until the much-hyped release of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rockstar Games announced a teaser for the sixth GTA instalment - a decade in the making - will be unveiled at 2pm on Tuesday.

Spotify is to axe around 1600 jobs or 17 per cent of its workforce as the music streaming service seeks to become more efficient amid higher costs and slower growth.

From a California Space Force base strapped to a SpaceX rocket, South Korea launched its first military spy satellite into orbit - a week after neighbouring North Korea claimed to have put its own spy satellite into the cosmos.

Plus, US states’ schoolchildren phone bans, power-napping penguins, elderly dogs owners beating dementia and London’s Norwegian Christmas tree arrives.

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