Advance Staffing, Inc. Announces the Launch of its App for Seamless Booking of Hospitality Staff

Santa Clara, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 2, 2022) - Advance Staffing, Inc. has announced the launch of its app that has been specially developed for catering to the needs of the firm's clients and employees. The app will essentially automate and streamline the process of sourcing and shortlisting employees for corporate catering jobs, matching employees to the needs of customers and placing the selected candidates.

Commenting on the app, the President and CEO of Advance Staffing, Inc.. José Badillo said, "We have always had a customer centric approach. We go to great lengths to ensure that the customer gets exactly the kind of employee that they are looking for in terms of experience and skill set. The launch of the app will expedite the process and make it more seamless."

Currently, the hospitality industry is suffering from chronic staff shortages. This has reached the point where many establishments are cutting operating hours or capacity in order to cope with the shortage. The situation was dire pre-pandemic, but has become even worse post-pandemic. It is in this scenario that the services of companies like Advance Staffing, Inc., which supplies both kitchen and service staff for short and long-term assignments, become even more significant.

Currently, when a client asks for an employee, a lot of time is wasted on texts, emails and phone calls to check on the availability of employees, matching employees to openings and placing with the clients. The launch of the new app will make the entire process more efficient. Clients can download the app, which will serve as a platform that stores the profiles of all of the firm's employees. When a vacancy opens up, employees who see the push notification and are available, can indicate interest in the job. Candidates for the job are shortlisted on a first come, first serve basis. The management team will then choose the final candidate based on the required skill set.

José Badillo concluded by saying, "Through the app, the client can login and get frequent updates on what stage the process is at after submitting the request. The app will help us reduce the level of administrative work involved, especially during busy times like the festive season. At the same time, it allows for the unique personal touch that we are known for by allowing us to handpick the right candidates so that clients get exactly what they need. With the app, the entire process of procuring staff becomes fast and easy. But clients can still come to us if they have an issue. They do not have to raise a ticket and wait for a response. This level of human interaction, combined with the app, will further reinforce our leadership position in the staffing industry."

About Advance Staffing, Inc.

Advance Staffing, Inc is a staffing agency that specializes in sourcing and supplying hand-picked staff for the hospitality industry in the Bay Area. Set up in 2006, the agency supplies candidates for short and long-term assignments.

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