Adrianne Palicki Talks New Movie 'Baby, Baby, Baby' and Brief Stint as Wonder Woman

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Since her breakout role as Tyra Collette on the beloved television drama Friday Night Lights (#ClearEyesFullHeartsCantLose), Adrianne Palicki has participated in some grand-scale productions. Her film credits include John Wick and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and on the small screen she’s worked on both sides of the comic-book aisle, appearing in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. and the DC-inspired Supernatural (in addition to her brief stint as Wonder Woman… more on that later).

Her latest film, however, is a much more intimate affair. She costars with writer-director Brian Klugman (Cloverfield, Bones) in Baby, Baby, Baby, a romantic comedy about two Los Angelenos desperate to make their budding relationship work despite a copious amount of red flags. As Baby, Baby, Baby hits DVD and Digital HD, Palicki dropped by Yahoo Studios for a Facebook Live interview (watch above) to tell us all about her new indie, plus her idea for a FNL spin-off and what she thinks went wrong with her failed Wonder Woman pilot. Some highlights:

Palicki got to explore her artsy side in Baby, Baby, Baby. Her character, Sunny, is a struggling painter who pays the bills by tending bar, and the 33-year-old Toledo, Ohio, native could be playing an alternate-universe version of herself. “I almost went to art school for water color in real life,” Palicki said. She did not, however, go all James Franco and create the paintings you actually see in the film.

She has an idea for a Friday Nights Light reboot. “Riggins and Tyra, they get married. She comes back and is the counselor of the school, he becomes the coach.” So it’s essentially the same plot as the original, with Palicki and Taylor Kitch taking on the Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler roles, “but a very different dynamic,” Palicki explained. “I could see it happening. Bring back people in and out from the original series.” Call it Friday Night Lights: The Next Generation. (On a related note, Palicki also wishes the second season of FNL “didn’t happen.”)

And about that Wonder Woman pilot… In 2011, Palicki was cast as Diana Prince in a David E. Kelley-produced Wonder Woman series for NBC. A photo of Palicki in the superhero’s iconic costume went viral, and a pilot episode was filmed… but never aired. “I think it was too early, I think it was right before its time,” she said. “It was right before that cusp hit of the Marvel universe taking off and all the TV shows. It’s too bad. It was really fun to make.” Palicki does see look at the bright side: “At least I got paid to wear that costume. As opposed to just in my house walking around.” And she’ll be at the movies when the highly anticipated Gal Gadot-starring movie opens this July: “I’m very excited for her. I think it’s awesome. It’s an amazing female character, and I just love that so many are becoming such huge successes. The more and more that are out there, the better.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Baby, Baby, Baby’:

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