Adorable toddler ‘gossips’ about life at her grandma’s house

This TikTok parent caught her toddler daughter “gossiping” to a friend and the subject matter was so adorable!

Lindsay Ann (@thelindsayann) is a mom and TikToker who shares videos of her adorably sassy toddler Kinsley and her sweet baby Ryker.

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Kinsley is a precocious 3-year-old with a flair for drama. The toddler loves telling stories and “gossiping,” as Lindsay recently captured in a hilariously adorable video. In the video, Kingsley gossips with a friend about the raccoons that got into her grandma’s pool!

The video begins with a shot of Kinsley standing on a grassy lawn wearing a ruffled pink shirt and shorts. She bounces up and down with excitement as she talks to another toddler, who is sipping on a packet of apple juice and listening attentively to her companion. “Toddler gossip,” a caption reads.

“You’re not even going to believe this,” Kinsley says to the other toddler, building up suspense for her juicy piece of gossip. “This is the silliest thing I ever saw!”

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The toddler covers her mouth as she talks, as though shocked by the crazy story she is about to tell.

“I was sleeping at my grandma’s house last night and there was raccoons in the pool!” the toddler exclaims, hopping up and down in excitement. “Is that the silliest thing you’ve ever heard?”

Clearly impressed by the piece of gossip Kinsley has just shared, the other toddler replies, “Yeah! That was so silly!”

Lindsay’s video had viewers cracking up at the toddler’s piece of scandalous gossip.

“She got all the tea,” one viewer joked.

“Her excitement! OMG too cute,” another viewer commented.

“This is totally from listening to mama gossip on the phone with her girls. OMG totally adorable,” another TikToker speculated.

Kinsley proves that when it comes to being a great storyteller, it’s all about delivery!

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