AdOne launching - A new joint venture of FPT AdTrue and OneSoft studio

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AdOne virtual launch event at their headquarter at FPT Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam

AdOne virtual launch event at their headquarter at FPT Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam
AdOne virtual launch event at their headquarter at FPT Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam
AdOne virtual launch event at their headquarter at FPT Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since the first recorded cases in Wuhan, China, the Covid-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the global economy, increasing unemployment rates and breaking down many SMEs as reported by the IMF. The decrease in GDP was expected following the stagnancy of key industries and services. But one industry in particular has still been showing its non-stop thriving development - the Mobile Game/ Apps industry.

According to App Annie’s report in 2020, this market recorded impressive results: consumer spending reached $143 billion, while Mobile Advertising spend reached $240 billion at 21% YoY growth. Sensor Tower also forecast an impressive growth in the next 5 years: Global consumer spending in mobile apps is expected to reach $270 billion (nearly 2.5 times higher than in 2020) and global downloads will reach 230 billion by 2025. The North and Eastern of Europe is becoming a worth-considering market with prominent countries with potential production capability such as Turkey. This unstoppable acceleration also leads to a rocketing rise in human resources, with 800,000 new developers entering the market each year.

Recognizing the industry potential that the market has yet to notice from talented Mobile Game developers and SMEs with creative ideas but lack of support, AdOne Joint Stock Company - a joint venture between FPT AdTrue and OneSoft - was officially established on August 25, 2021. OneSoft represents the top 2 Game Publishers in the ANZSEA region in 2020-2021 (App Annie Awards), while FPT AdTrue is a member of FPT Corporation (HOSE:FPT), the most valuable one in the technology field in Vietnam, partnered with many world-famous brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, Oracle, IBM). This collaboration is expected to unlock new opportunities in this industry.

AdOne aspires to become the first Southeast Asia company to provide a comprehensive all-in-one advanced system and solution for mobile games, including project development & publishing, user growth strategies, and monetization. The company already inherits from FPT AdTrue and OneSoft publishing advantages such as strong finance, advanced technology and innovative optimizing process, which are considered to be the success formula for mobile games, especially the now-trending casual/ hyper-casual ones. Understanding and identifying the industry demand to gain profits beyond P2P or IAP models, AdOne also helps developers to escalate revenue through FPT AdTrue’s monetizing experience and relationships with global top partners. Just as importantly, the company aims to build a developer community for knowledge and opportunities sharing through mutual connections.

Attending the launching ceremony, Mr. Peter Vesterbacka - former Mighty Eagle of Rovio shared his experiences from the days of making and growing Angry Birds to the current success of Finland’s mobile game ecosystem. “It’s true that you would see an even more successful ecosystem in Vietnam. We expect to see many fantastic opportunities to work with AdOne, so as to make sure the next Angry Birds or Supercell will appear from Vietnam in the future.”

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