Adele reveals the only movie role she'd take, says she won't film musical biopics

Adele is regularly offered biopic roles, but there's only one film she wants — and the man she wants to write it isn't "mentally ready" to work.

Adele set fire to the rain, and now she's sending Hollywood's apparent hope that she'll one day take on the role of famous singers of the past in musical biopic movies up in smoke, too.

The 35-year-old recording artist revealed that she hasn't considered acting beyond a single film project because she wants to work with a notable filmmaker — though she won't reveal who it is until he's ready to make the movie with her.

"There is one movie I want to do, but the guy whose movie it would be, he’s not mentally ready to write the script for it," Adele told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about her acting ambitions.

When asked if the filmmaker is someone audiences know well, she responded in the affirmative, but maintained that she won't discuss clues as to his identity.

<p>Jason Merritt/Getty Images</p> Adele at the 2013 Oscars

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Adele at the 2013 Oscars

"I bug him every now and then about it, but he’s just not there yet. But that’s the only role I ever want. Because I think I’d nail it. I think I’d do really, really, really good at it," she continued, later explaining why she also doesn't entertain the thought of playing famous musicians in biopic projects — many of which she's been offered to lead in the past.

"I get offered to do biopics of singers, and I think that’s too obvious," she said. "And also anyone that’s great enough to have a biopic about them, you’re just setting yourself up for disaster. Then would they want me to sing as myself? Because then it would sound like me, it wouldn’t sound like them. So I wouldn’t do it. But that’s all I’ve been offered, really."

Though Adele won't likely star in a major motion picture any time soon, she has won Hollywood's top honor: an Oscar, which she earned at the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony for writing the Skyfall movie's titular soundtrack song.

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