Add Fresh Berries To Your Jello Fluff For A Well-Balanced Dessert

Jello fluff topped with strawberries
Jello fluff topped with strawberries - CookLime / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

There are so many amazing jello desserts to choose from. But have you ever heard of Jello fluff? No? Well, when you mix your favorite jello with Cool Whip, yogurt, or whipped cream, you get the gelatin mixture of Jello fluff – the deliciously sweet dessert that is as fluffy as its name suggests. And it almost looks like ice cream, which gives it an appetizing presentation. Sounds good? Of course it does. But there's a way you can make Jello fluff even better – adding fresh berries.

When you add delicious and nutritious fresh berries to your soft and sugary Jello fluff, you'll create a great-tasting dessert that is just as healthy as it is sweet. What makes this idea even more appetizing is that you'll not only be giving your sweet dessert some complementary nutrition, but you'll also be giving your Jello fluff some complementary flavor with your fresh berries. So what makes this such an incredibly balanced dessert?

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Jello Is As High In Sugar As Fresh Berries Are In Nutrition

A person holding fresh berries
A person holding fresh berries - Chris Ryan/Getty Images

A single serving of jello has 18 grams of sugar, which makes it incredibly sweet but also very high in sugar. You can obviously avoid the high sugar intake and still enjoy jello by opting for sugar-free Jello. However, sugar-free Jello is made with aspartame – a low-calorie artificial sweetener that preserves that candied flavor in jello – but artificial sweeteners can still be bad for your health. This is why you should balance all of that extra sweetness with the nutritiousness of fresh berries.

Fresh berries are a food with high antioxidants, which can minimize dangerous free radical molecules in your body so they don't hurt your cells and cause oxidative stress. Berries can also regulate your blood sugar levels, which is especially helpful when you're eating something as sugary as Jello fluff. So you've topped off your Jello fluff with some nutritious berries, but perhaps you still think that your dessert isn't quite balanced enough. Well, you can achieve your desired balance by adding even more healthy toppings.

Add These Nutritious Toppings To Your Jello Fluff

Jello fluff with orange slices
Jello fluff with orange slices - withering_a_weigh_on_ww / Instagram

Mix some fresh fruit into your Jello fluff to give it more balance. If you drop some small orange slices into your dessert, you'll have even more antioxidants on top of the ones your fresh berries will provide. You'll also get a nice dose of Vitamin C, which will boost your immune system. You can also mix some pineapple slices into your Jello fluff. Pineapples have lots of enzymes that can help regulate your digestive system and fight against disease.

If you want to boost the nutrition of your berry-topped Jello fluff while also giving it more layers of complementary flavor and texture, then sprinkle in lots of nuts for extra crunch and nutrients. Throw some walnuts into your Jello fluff for a nice amount of fiber to regulate your digestive health, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals to help you prevent bodily infections and strengthen your bones. After you add all of these toppings to balance your Jello fluff, you might even turn it into a nutritionist-approved dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth – and it all started by adding fresh berries.

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