Adam Peaty's girlfriend's reaction to seeing his 'almost kiss'

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Photo credit: BBC Screengrab - BBC
Photo credit: BBC Screengrab - BBC

Olympian Adam Peaty MBE danced the Argentine tango with his dance partner, Katya Jones, on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night (October 16). The pair shared an 'almost kiss' after a passionate dance that left fans, as well as Adam's girlfriend, shocked and stunned. Eiri Munro, Adam's girlfriend, took to TikTok to post a super relatable video as she reacted to her man almost kissing his dancing partner.

On Saturday night, Adam and his professional partner Katya were dancing a super steamy tango. Full of passion and heat, the pair ended in a position where it looked as though they were going to share a passionate kiss. Fans were left in a state of shock, as was Adam's girlfriend.

Taking to TikTok, the mum-of-one and artist used the trending sound of a whining baby as she filmed the video where she scrunched up her face and pretended to cry. She didn't caption the video, but did write over the top of it. She penned, "Watching your boyfriend almost kiss another woman on live TV," before then writing, "Finding out 10 million people also watched it live."

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing have flooded Twitter with hilarious memes, concerned tweets and a mass of 'gossip'. With Eiri even retweeting one of them.

The famous sportsman and his girlfriend Eiri have been dating since they matched on Tinder at the start of 2020, before welcoming their son later that year. The couple's son George-Anderson recently celebrated his first birthday with a sweet party, that his dad missed due to his Strictly Come Dancing commitments.

Since his girlfriends's reaction to his sultry dance with professional Katya, Adam has since taken to Twitter to speak out about the current conversations spiralling regarding the 'almost kiss'.

Taking to social media ahead of the results show, he wrote a short statement alongside a video of he and his dance partner.

Adam said, "My favourite dance so far. Thank you to everyone who has sent supporting messages! I loved it."

He then addressed the 'gossip' and said, "To everyone who wants to see what they want, your comments have real life consequences. I will not be overcome or lowered by your gossip. Protect your energy."

Kudos to Adam for addressing the gossip, and props to Eiri for making light of the situation. We love this couple.

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