Across the Spider-Verse didn't always end with the major Miles twist

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse spoilers follow.

Across the Spider-Verse co-director Kemp Powers says Miles Morales being revealed as The Prowler wasn't initially part of the plan.

In this year's sequel to Into the Spider-Verse, our wall-crawling hero shockingly turns supervillain in Earth-42, with that particular world dominated by criminals.

This twist ending was a last-minute shake-up to the storyline, with Uncle Aaron previously planned to be The Prowler of Earth-42.

spiderman across the spiderverse
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"Aaron was still The Prowler, and this is rather far along into development too," Powers told GamesRadar+.

"I remember we had a meeting over Zoom and something just came to me – that Miles should be The Prowler. I felt bad as someone was presenting, but I texted the guys and we were all so excited.

"There was already a design for that Miles, but we sent our wonderful designer back to the drawing board, asking him to redesign the character as The Prowler."

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Powers, who also co-directed Pixar movie Soul, continued to explain: "It's like a Pottersville or It's a Wonderful Life kind of moment. It was always thematically the same – if Miles never got powers, what would become of him – but the original wasn't as impactful. We had Miles as Aaron's sidekick, his Robin, but him becoming The Prowler evoked a whole different emotion.

"When we screened the original, people wouldn't get it, they just saw another Miles with cornrows and wondered what the deal is. But with that Prowler twist, that made people go, 'Woah,' as it's symbolic of so much."

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is out now in cinemas.

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