Acquisitionpreneur Shares Its Proven Formula for Lifting Businesses Out of the Covid Slump Through Its Business Acquisition Course

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Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - May 25, 2022) - Acquisitionpreneur has revealed the rollout of its exciting new masterclass course on how to acquire seven-to-eight-figure businesses. They are passing on their fifteen years' worth of acquisition knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs by providing an alternative, boss-free route to a profitable career. Business acquisition is often seen as a closed field, but Acquisitionpreneur is opening up a potentially lucrative career path to all. Some entrepreneurs on the course may have already invested in the past and have the capital to play with, while others are starting from scratch with little-to-no funds. Both demographics can benefit from Acquisitionpreneur.

As society begins to emerge from the grips of Covid-19, small businesses are still suffering the after-effects of reduced footfall during quarantine and pandemic-fuelled disruptions to their supply chains. This period has made many realise that, rather than being beholden to the demands of their boss, they want to be in control of their lives and build their own business. During the height of the pandemic, there was a dramatic 24% increase in the number of start-ups being founded.

However, the life of a start-up entrepreneur is famously unforgiving. Start-ups suffer from financial insecurity, a lack of trust from lenders, the hemorrhaging of resources towards shaping brand identity, and the time-consuming challenge of growing a network of customers and contacts from scratch.

Acquisitionpreneur is providing an alternative, boss-free route to a profitable career, and one without the sacrifices and uncertainty involved when starting your own business. Many presume that this space is reserved only for those with high capital. However, Acquisitionpreneur has proven time and time again that successful acquisitions are achievable without significant funds.

The Acquisitionpreneur course includes master classes on financing the acquisition, what details to look for when choosing an investable business, and efficient alternatives to buying the business outright.

The emphasis of the program is on teaching students how to acquire seven-to-eight figure businesses, and the sessions are run via a combination of zoom meetings and live in-person events. Acquisitionpreneur has also created a members-only Facebook group, which provides the ideal environment for exchanging ideas and advice. This enables entrepreneurs to continue the learning process long after the masterclasses have ended.

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