How to Achieve Outrageous Success With the Serenity of a Zen Monk

Dr. Srikumar Rao offers powerful insights in a new book on applying ancient teachings to achieve modern success

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A perfectly well mind functions silently in the background quietly doing the tasks you assigned to it. Unfortunately, for many of us, our mind ceaselessly draws attention to itself, questioning decisions, value and worth, feeling guilty, and so much more. The cacophony in our heads is the mind seeking attention because it is deeply unwell. We try to quiet it by watching television, drinking, ingesting controlled substances and other distractions. The unrest is so great that a few are even tipped off the ledge into suicide.


So rooted is this sickness that we have a unique way of dealing with it: We label it as ‘normal.’ But it is not normal, and we can cure ourselves of this sickness.


Getting rid of unwell mental cycles isn’t always fast or easy, and tapping into your inner wisdom to gain fortitude and peace can indeed be a lifelong pursuit. Luckily for us, stories about this journey have been told through the ages and, in this book, I share some of them with you.


Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots is available now wherever books are sold

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that change rarely happens. I profoundly disagree. You can change. This change can happen dramatically and overnight, and it can be lasting. Sri Ramakrishna, the nineteenth-century Indian sage, is believed to have asked, “Imagine a cave sealed in a mountain for thousands of years. Then you remove the rocks that have blocked its entrance. Does the darkness dissipate little by little? Or does it vanish instantly?” No matter how many decades your behavior has persisted, it can change in an instant. Learning to engineer this change is the secret to success.


In my book and coaching, I teach professionals how to:

•    create change overnight,

•    let go of grudges,

•    feel gratitude every day,

•    bounce back from disaster,

•    dump dysfunctional mental models,

•    re-write the past,

•    make life effortless and joyful,

•    inspire others to reach goals they never dreamed of,

•    work with love,

•    and much more!


By changing the mental models you use to view the world, you literally become a different person. You have mental models for every aspect of life: how to get a job, how to get ahead in our careers, how to find a partner and so on. The problem is not that you have mental models but that you mistake the model for reality. By identifying and making small changes to the mental models you hold, you can make huge differences in your experience of life.


Life is indeed a spiritual journey, and my goal is to help you experience life in an exponentially better way. By distilling and condensing valuable life lessons from ancient sources, literature, and my own experiences, my book will take you down a rabbit hole of deep thinking and self-discovery to help you achieve both material success and inner tranquility.


For professionals on the spiritual path who truly seek higher joy and soulful growth, I hope you’ll pick up my new book, Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots: The Movers and Shakers’ Guide to Unstoppable Success. The only point of life is to grow, and I am privileged to guide you along your path.



Dr. Srikumar Rao is an elite coach who works with a select group of entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior executives. His clients are already successful and seek his coaching because they need help to have an outsize impact on the world. They also recognize that life is a spiritual journey and wish to imbue that understanding into every facet of their lives. Dr. Rao holds a PhD from Columbia Business School, and his courses have been among the most popular and highest rated at many of the world’s top business schools. His work has been covered extensively by major media worldwide. He is the author of Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies for Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life and Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful—No Matter What. He is also the creator and narrator of the audio learning course The Personal Mastery Program: Discovering Passion and Purpose in Your Life and Work. Visit to learn more.


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