Access 79 launches a tech-enabled luxury Jewellery Brand.

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Jacksonville, Florida, Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Access 79 is jewellery brand that deals in unique designs and elegant ornaments the recent expansion, the company launches a tech-enabled luxury jewellery brand that allows a virtual try-on before making purchases. The founder of Access 79, Priyanka Murthy, leverages her data and design skills, creates a lead, and scales a tech-enabled luxury jewellery brand.

This tech-enabled luxury jewellery brand developed by Access 79 allows the users to have a virtual try-on before making purchases. The brand reinvents new ideas, couples extremely well-established designs, and put-forth a quality product to the sellers. The Tech-enabled luxury jewellery focuses on the reinvention and renovation of the styles and concepts of product making and couples extremely well-provisioned and stylish outcomes. 

This innovation comes into the jewellery-making field because of the exceptional measures taken by the jewellery designer and blockchain technology investor Priyanka Murthy. The revolutionary steps by Priyanka Murthy help her introduce such an innovative and massive jewellery brand.

The team of Access 79 uses an incredible technique in building the brand, combining the poles apart together. The designers practice the social sciences directions in jewellery making, which helps them bring innovation to the field of jewellery. Science and art might seem like an odd combination for some, mainly because art is often introspective compared to science which is extrospective. But this technique works exceptionally well for Access 79 in launching the brand.  
Furthermore, the goal of Access 79 is to help transform the luxury fashion industry as it expands its ventures. With the mind of a scientist and soul of an artist, the founder of Access, Murthy persists in making strides through the significant luxury brand and, in coming years, hopes to continue the entrepreneurial journey through investment and leadership roles while venturing into start-ups in the healthcare, luxury, and the blockchain sectors.

A mastery of analytical problem-solving skills and creative design gives a team of Access 79 a strategic advantage and upper hand with their work as a brand builder and jewellery designer, receiving recognition in and out of the US.

About the founder of Access 79 – Priyanka Murthy

Priyanka Murthy has harnessed her creative and analytical side to create a multifaceted, meaningful, and successful career while deriving joy and fulfillment from her personal life. She believes it is the perfect combination and the key to building a massive brand. Priyanka Murthy shares her incredible story with the world and shows fellow women and young entrepreneurs how feasible it is to have their dreams come true. Apart from this, Murthy is writing a book to help people to follow their dreams. The vision behind writing this book is to break societal norms and standards. Murthy believes that such societal norms and standards put people behind, not provoking them to follow their dreams. 
Murthy continues to defy societal norms and writes a playbook to fight for her dreams. Rather than being swayed by people’s opinions of her personality and goals, Priyanka believed in herself, which helped her build a massive brand and even become a celebrated entrepreneur in the tech and luxury fashion industry.

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