I absolutely love this pool float—but I’ll never buy another one

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I absolutely love this pool float--but I'll never buy another one
I absolutely love this pool float--but I'll never buy another one

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We’ve weathered quite a storm this last year (COVID, I’m looking at you), so when I saw a way to lounge on a rainbow, I was all in.

Enter the Funboy Rainbow Chaise Lounger pool float—an Instagram-worthy, room-for-two lounger with an almost cartoon-ish oversize nature and ridiculously colorful appeal. It is just what I was looking for to add carefree cheer to my pool.

The price tag mirrors the float’s enormous size—$80 for this lounger—but despite being burned on expensive inflatables before, I threw caution to the wind and gave it a try.

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What we liked about the Funboy rainbow chaise lounger

This colorful float measures 70 inches long.
This colorful float measures 70 inches long.

When you lie on the Funboy rainbow chaise lounger, it’s pure heaven. Super sturdy and very comfortable, the massive float measures 70 inches long and is made from extra thick phthalate-free PVC. Translation: It handles the height and weight of two people, so you can drift off together.

The reinforced cup holder is perfect for staying hydrated while you relax; although I’m confused as to why there aren’t two. For a cheerful pool floatie, this rainbow is dead serious about staying afloat—you won’t worry that any minute you, your companion, and your drink, will be plunged into the water if someone shifts their weight.

The float is also gorgeously transparent, creating a pretty ombre light show in the water as the sun hits it from different angles.

Because of its size and quality, its uses are endless—in the pool or pond, of course, but also in your backyard on the grass, or on the sand for a sea-side nap. Tether it to a dock or boat (it comes with rope and boasts notches for tying up throughout).

The Funboy rainbow chaise lounger appears to be the perfect float. And it is, until it isn’t. (Keep reading. …)

What we don’t like about the Funboy rainbow chaise lounger

It's a bit deflating to see your float deflated.
It's a bit deflating to see your float deflated.

When I get a pool float, I usually like it to, you know, float. Apparently Funboy didn’t get the memo.

After having used the float, straight out of the box, for 30 minutes, I put it aside and went about my day. A few hours later, I noticed it had seriously lost some steam. The next morning, it was as flat as a pancake.

At first, I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t pushed the stopper of the air valve far enough in (it’s incredibly difficult to push in). So, I inflated it again, awaiting confirmation that I, in fact, am not perfect. Spoiler alert: I am still perfect. Although the stopper was pushed in as far as humanly possible, the float was deflated again by the following morning.

Clearly, this was a quality issue. No pool float that costs $80 should be used for 30 minutes and then die.

I emailed Funboy customer service for a chat. The brand’s customer service representative was incredibly communicative, responding immediately, and I was so pleased, because let’s be real: This never happens in a “we’ll reply within 48 hours” world. She requested photos, wanting to resolve the issue for me. I had high hopes.

I re-inflated the float, and as I took photos of it throughout its various stages of deflation, I did a thorough search of where a potential hole or flaw could be. My investigation unearthed the issue; the entire seam of one section of the Funboy rainbow chaise lounger wasn’t fused together, confirming my suspicions of a manufacturer issue. I sent the photos to the customer service rep.

Unfortunately, I never heard back from Funboy’s customer service rep, even after five times over the course of a couple of weeks, and I haven’t heard back to this day. I had been ghosted. No return request. No refund. No replacement. Not very fun, boy.

(In the meantime, I had ordered another Funboy rainbow chaise lounger, just so I could finish this review assignment. Current total cost: $158)

Should you buy the Funboy Rainbow Chaise Lounger?

Drift off together after taking the perfect summer selfie.
Drift off together after taking the perfect summer selfie.

Maybe. If you’re big into Instagramming your pool frolicking, then this float (and many other of Funboy’s extreme float options) will boost your influencer street cred. It’s gorgeous, colorful, and super comfortable. Really and truly one of the sturdiest floats I’ve ever been on. It has even garnered tons of great reviews on Amazon and the Funboy website.

However, cross your fingers you don’t have a problem with a Funboy float right out of the box, because you’ll never get your investment back, no matter how hard you try.

Get the Funboy Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger for $79

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