Abortion rights protesters take to Los Angeles streets

STORY: Protesters gathered outside the United States Courthouse in the downtown area to rally and demand the ruling be reversed immediately.

“I came out today for my sisters, my family. I have a mom, a sister, any future daughters I may have will be affected by this decision ultimately. And it’s just very sad,” protester David Martinez told Reuters.

He was joined by Sonia Desaidamle, a student from Los Angeles who said she had an abortion recently and addressed the crowd.

“We don’t legally compel people to give blood or compel people to donate their kidneys or bone marrow or anything and that is less invasive and less painful than pregnancy so it’s insane this concept of trying to force women into pregnancy, it’s insane”, she said, adding: “It’s still hard here - even when you have the choice and freedom. So when you don’t have that choice and freedom, you don’t have the support you need, I can’t.. it really does break my heart. I can’t express how much it hurts me to think about that.”

The decision had been widely expected after details emerged last month that the Supreme Court was planning on pulling back the legislation. Anger had been building ever since, but reached a pinnacle when the news was formally announced early on Friday.

But among the dissent, there were some voices backing the Supreme Court's decision.

Princ Israel came from Beverly Hills to tell protesters he believes the court made the right choice.

“On the day of judgement, there’s not going to be any protests in there.. it’s murder. No matter how anybody tries to twist it, or say anything, murder is murder, so I stand for if murder is sin, abortion is murder,” he said.

For demonstrator, Annie Day, one of those who organized the protest, this is just the beginning of the battle to get the decision reversed.

“My first reaction was fury. My first reaction was fury at what it means now legally, that the status of women in America is breeder and incubator” she said, adding “I was furious and determined to get up and get into these streets and get people into these streets to fight.”

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