Abducted teen killed in police shootout was in body armor, helmet, California cops say

screengrab from KABC-TV via AP

A California man abducted his 15-year-old daughter after killing her mother — then both were killed during a police shootout.

Anthony John Graziano and his daughter died on Sept. 27 in a police shootout on a desert highway after a 45-mile chase, according to KABC.

The teen, wearing tactical gear and a helmet, had been running towards authorities when she was shot, according to The Guardian. She later died in the hospital.

The deputies did not realize it was the girl who was running towards them, said San Bernadino county sheriff Shannon Dicus, according to Associated Press.

Police located the man and teenager thanks to information from a 911 call and began the chase at around 11:15 a.m., NBC Los Angeles reported.

The man was “constantly shooting back at the deputies”, said Dicus, according to The Guardian. He hit the windshield of a patrol car, disabling the vehicle.

His car became disabled on the shoulder of a highway in Hesperia, according to ABC Los Angeles. The firing continued.

The man “was found in the driver’s seat and pronounced dead at the scene.,” according to the Associated Press. The man was pronounced dead at the scene after being found in the driver’s seat, according to the Associated Press.

The man is accused of shooting and killing the girl’s mother, authorities said according to NBC Los Angeles. He then fled with the teen.

Family members said the couple were getting divorced, AP reported.

Investigators are now trying to determine if the teen entered her father’s car willingly or if she was kidnapped, according to media outlets.

Hesperia is about 80 miles east of Los Angeles.

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