Abbie Quinnen 'set to enter the Love Island villa'

Abbie Quinnen has been lined up by TV bosses credit:Bang Showbiz
Abbie Quinnen has been lined up by TV bosses credit:Bang Showbiz

Abbie Quinnen is reportedly set to enter the 'Love Island' villa.

The 27-year-old dancer - who is the ex-girlfriend of AJ Pritchard - has been lined up by TV bosses to join the hit show.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "Abbie has become well-known in her own right and after her break-up with AJ she fancied a fresh chance at love."

Abbie is poised to follow in the footsteps of reality TV star Joey Essex, who recently entered the 'Love Island' villa.

The insider continued: "Joey went in as the first big bombshell and Abbie is waiting in the wings for the call up.

"She has been in talks with 'Love Island' for weeks over being a bombshell and has said she can’t wait to dive in and mix things up.

"When she was with AJ, she found out a lot about 'Love Island' through Curtis [Pritchard, AJ's brother and a former Islander] so she knows what is in store for her."

Meanwhile, a source recently insisted that Joey "won’t be given any preferential treatment" on 'Love Island'.

The reality star won't be treated any differently to the other Islanders, despite his fame and success.

The source told MailOnline: "He hasn't been paid an appearance fee or any money at all for signing up to the show, not a penny.

"On 'Love Island', it is all about the exposure and for Joey, it means more than that too ... He's looking for someone to settle down with, so it's not about the money he can make on the other side."

Joey is ultimately keen to show his "true self" to the British public.

The insider added: "Not many people know the real Joey, over the years he's hidden behind his reality TV persona but being on 'Love Island' will give him the opportunity to show his true self.

"He doesn't need fame, followers, or the prize money ... He's excited to meet someone and can't wait to start dating."