Abbi From 'Sex Education' Is Truly The Coolest Kid In School

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Sex Education has reached its fourth and final season, and it has brought along with it a whole new group of characters to fall in love with. In case you need a quick refresh, the kids of Moordale Secondary have relocated to Cavendish Sixth Form College after their original school closed. That means self-appointed student sex therapist Otis Butterfield and all his buddies are navigating an entirely different ecosystem, and finding new friends along the way.

Cavendish Sixth Form College has a very progressive environment, focusing on sustainability, yoga, and kindness. The popular kids in school are known as the Coven, and they’re a pretty cool, diverse group.

Leading the crew is a teenager named Abbi who is getting plenty of attention from viewers. But who is Abbi and who is the actor who plays her? Here’s a breakdown.

Who is Abbi?

Abbi Montgomery is the leader of the Coven, and her friends calls her “the queen bee” of Cavendish Sixth Form College, according to Netflix. Everyone wants to be just like her and be her bestie. Basically, she's like a high school version of Beyoncé.

While Abbi doesn’t feature heavily in the trailer for season 4, she’s still a powerhouse onscreen.

Abbi is a trans character.

Yup, Abbi is transgender student, but that aspect of her life doesn't define her whole existence on the show. Her character is described as a “confident, sunny, magnetic, generous, and loyal" new friend for Otis and the gang, per Netflix.

What happens at the end of season 4?

At the end of season 4, Otis learns that his mom helped Maeve realize that it was important to go back to the U.S. to finish school. And he's understandably upset. Eric comes out during his baptism, and his mom publicly supports him. More highlights: Eric helps to find Cal, Abbi is called out on her toxic positivity, Otis and Eric grow closer, Jean talks about her postpartum depression, and Eric decides to become a pastor.

Perhaps the most buzz-worthy of all is that Abbi and Roman have sex, which is the first time the series has shown a trans sex scene. The show's intimacy coordinator toldDigital Spy that they put in a ton of work to make the scene comfortable for the actors, while also keeping it authentic.

"I think what's amazing, and what Sex Education does so well, is that the writers have specialists come in, and they work out what to put on the page, basically, to make sure that it's coming from real sources and not just imagination," coordinator David Thackeray said. "It's figuring out what their no's were. You know, what do you not want to show? What do you not want to do? Because then we work around that. And the choreography is based around their consent and boundaries."

Who plays Abbi?

Abbi is played by actor Anthony Lexa, who is also transgender. According to her website, Anthony also goes by “Ant.”

When she's not acting, Anthony is based in London and is big into the music scene there. She has also performed in shows on London's West End.

What else has Anthony Lexa been in?

Nothing, actually! This is her first TV acting gig. FWIW, Anthony’s website lists her as an "indie pop singer and songwriter," so that kind of checks out.

“As an openly trans woman, her songs resonate with listeners, offering a glimpse into the human experience through poignant and relatable lyrics,” her bio reads.

You can listen to some of Ant's music on her Instagram:

I don't know about you, but I know what song I'm listening to next!

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