Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez have the sickest custom bats for the Home Run Derby

MIAMI — There’s a certain flair about this city. Miami isn’t most places. And, thus, this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game isn’t most games.

Between the game’s young talent, their colorful personalities and Miami’s own bright color scheme (you see that statue in the outfield?!) the All-Star game is definitely visually exciting this year.

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That even counts for Monday night’s Home Run Derby, where competitors Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees came armed with their own custom bats. They are, in a word, sick.

Let’s have a look at Judge’s first, which has the “All Rise” slogan Yankees fans have adopted for him and a very Miami look:

That’s great, but Gary Sanchez’s “Kraken” bat looks even better. Imagine what it might be unleashing:

The look of the lumber only matters if the homers follow, of course. Judge, who leads MLB with 30 homers at the All-Star break is favored to reach the finals against defending champion (and hometown home-run titan) Giancarlo Stanton.

It’s Sanchez  — the No. 8 seed in the tournament-style competition — who is tasked with going up against Stanton in the first round. Both he and Judge have to hope those custom bats will help against the defending champ.

Aaron Judge and his custom Home Run Derby bat. (AP / @infieldchatter)

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