A24 Horror Movies Ranked From Worst to Best (Photos)

·1 min read

A24 has a reputation as one of the coolest indie movie “brands” today.

Through dozens of films, they have established themselves as arbiters of good taste, maintaining relationships with their favorite filmmakers while taking big swings on new talent. Younger filmgoers know an A24 movie when they see them; and they go see movies because the studio is behind them. This knowingness, a contract between the studio and the audience, extends to A24’s horror output, which is even more easily identifiable. “It’s an A24 horror movie,” you’ll say. And whoever you’re talking to will know exactly what you mean. Maybe it’s a little folksy, maybe it’s a little techy, but it’ll always be cutting edge and probably deeply disturbing.

With “Men” hitting theaters this week and “Bodies Bodies Bodies” out later this summer, we figured it would be a good time to rank every A24 horror movie. The results are pretty scary.

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