How much does Jennifer Lawrence love seeing her co-star in a Speedo?

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Joel Edgerton goes out of his comfort zone to play a sexy leading man in Red Sparrow, and Jennifer Lawrence is here for it. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Lawrence, who plays a Russian spy assigned to seduce Edgerton’s CIA agent, said that the Australian actor made a memorable first impression on her. As seen in the trailer, their characters meet at a pool, where they turn one another’s heads with body-conscious swimsuits.

“I think that was like his first day on set. I was like, ‘Hiii,‘” Lawrence recalled. (Watch the interview above.)

While Lawrence is often cast as a romantic lead, Edgerton is known for more offbeat roles, including an orc in the Netflix fantasy-crime film Bright and a creepy semi-stalker in his 2015 directorial debut, The Gift. 

“Look, sexy doesn’t sit well with me,” Edgerton admitted. “The spy part, loved it. Loved the whole idea that I got to live out and plug into a childhood fantasy of being a spy, but do it from the safety of my Winnebago-and-latte acting world. Because I would make, in real life, a terrible spy.”

Nevertheless, he looked the part in Red Sparrow, Speedo and all. “I’m so happy they keep bringing up the Speedo because then I get my memories,” Lawrence joked. “Sorry, am I making everybody uncomfortable?”

Red Sparrow opens in theaters on March 2.

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