98-year-old grandma sends grandson 'priceless' birthday card: '[It] meant the most'

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A 47-year-old shared an emotional birthday card he received from his grandmother — it’s a serious tearjerker.

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A Reddit poster named Elliot uploaded the card to Reddit’s “Made Me Smile” forum. His 98-year-old grandmother has been making birthday cards for years. This time around, there were no bells and whistles; it was just simple text printed on computer paper.

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But the card didn’t need any of those things. Elliot wrote, “This one is the most plain of them all, but meant the most.”

“Happy birthday, Elliott,” the grandmother wrote. “You have blessed my life for 47 years. This will be my last time trying to write on computer and doing it [sic]. As hands don’t want to write and now memory going fast. But trying to do a birthday card for you, my dear precious, Elliott. Love you so much, Grandma Rose.”

Elliot said that his grandmother was always more like his mom. Both his grandparents were known for being selfless people. Their lifelong kindness inspired him to leave a reminder on his computer to “Be positive, be kind” as a way to honor their legacy.

“I’ve always been her ‘Elly-rat’ (play on Elliott). She lost her husband, my 97-year-old grandpa this year. Makes me realize, especially with this card, that I will be losing her too. Both were rocks in my life,” the poster explained.

The grandson also admitted that he had a strange feeling when he received the annual birthday card from her.

“It was weird before I opened this one. I thought ‘this is probably my last one,'” he said.

The touching story received a whopping 158,000 upvotes on Reddit.

“You get yourself an acid-free archival folder and keep that card in there and store it somewhere safe. That is priceless and beautiful,” someone suggested.

“Treasure this, forever,” another wrote.

“I have a card from my 97-year-old grandpa framed in my house. It’s my most prized procession,” a person shared.

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