93-year-old was ‘justified’ in severely injuring a home intruder, California cops say

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A homeowner who shot an intruder in California was “justified” in his actions, police say.

Deputies arrived just after midnight on Wednesday, June 29, to find one man had been shot by the 93-year-old homeowner in the 24300 block of Eucalyptus Avenue in Moreno Valley, according to a news release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The wounded intruder was taken to a hospital and listed in critical condition.

Upon further investigation, police determined that several people, including the injured intruder, were inside the home when a gun was fired, police said.

While waiting for deputies to arrive, the homeowner told dispatchers he had “several subjects at gunpoint,” police said. A witness reported seeing several people flee just before police arrived.

The 93-year-old was unharmed, police said. He returned home after being questioned at the Moreno Valley Station.

The investigation is ongoing, and police ask anyone with information to call 951-955-2777.

Moreno Valley is about 19 miles south of San Bernardino.

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