“90 Day”: Gino Pops the Question Again as Sam Encourages Muslim Citra to 'Break Rules' and Drink

On Sunday’s episode, Sam took a big step towards converting to the Muslim religion, and Gino reminded Jasmine she can "be a real bitch" during their most romantic talk yet

<p>TLC</p> Jasmine accepts another proposal from Gino.


Jasmine accepts another proposal from Gino.

Gino and Jasmine’s ups and downs nearly came to a romantic close on Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

That’s before Jasmine decided to confess the secret she’s been holding back in the last moments of their Miami vacation. Still, fans got a glimpse into the best Jasmine and Gino have maybe ever been, with an incredibly sweet heart to heart about their relationship dynamic.

Elsewhere on the episode, Sam met Citra’s father, the cop who still doesn’t know his daughter’s fiancé is facing prison time.

Here’s how it all went down… and what it might mean for the happy couples.

Sam & Citra

<p>TLC</p> Citra and Sam got a drink at a local bar.


Citra and Sam got a drink at a local bar.

Sam was stepping closer to his Muslim conversion, but not without a drink.

On Sunday’s episode, he brought Citra on a date to a bar called Boozers. Though he said he’s not a big drinker (and Citra’s Muslim culture prohibits her from consuming alcohol), they shared a fruity drink for the sake of doing something wild before he converts.

“Before I convert I want to have some fun, do some things we don’t normally —won’t have the freedom to do anymore. Let her be carefree, a wild child,” Sam told cameras.

Citra was up for a drink, too, though she expressed honesty about her religion’s rules. “We don’t need to tell my dad about it,” she said. “Keeping it a secret.”

Sam spoke with Citra in depth about some of the things he can’t consume once he’s Muslim, including alcohol and pork.  “You know I’m not a big drinker. My only issue is like, when you can’t — when you’re not supposed to do things, then that makes it harder,” he said, referencing his past struggle with addiction. “You just, you know with my past, I struggle with certain things. But I want you to help set the guideline and then, like, where we call it quits on things, you know?”

To cameras, Sam added, “Alcohol, sex, drinking, drugs, used to be a big part of me, so. Always that monkey on your back saying do it, do it, just have fun and f— it. It’s sometimes hard to resist. Even after I convert, it’s still gonna be there, but I’m gonna try my hardest to be strong and just stay on the wagon. Be good. I really can’t screw this one up.”

Eventually, Citra’s dad and sisters arrived in America. Meeting briefly with them, Sam tried to interact as normal. However, the looming secret brought him more anxiety than comfort to see his future in-law. “The longer I keep this a secret, the worse it’s gonna get. When I tell him, I really don’t think he’s gonna take it well,” he said.

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Jasmine & Gino

<p>TLC</p> Jasmine accepted Gino's latest proposal.


Jasmine accepted Gino's latest proposal.

As their Miami vacation came to an end, Gino had a romantic evening planned for Jasmine. He converted the hotel pool deck to a date night oasis, complete with rose petals, flowers, and candles.

“I definitely believe I have a romantic side and tonight, I get to show Jasmine that I am her Romeo bonito,” Gino told cameras.

Jasmine was in high spirits, saying the trip had reinvigorated her love for the American man. “Gino has shown me nothing but love during this trip and how much he’s willing to change. This is making me feel good about what Gino’s willing to do for our relationship and my kids,” she told cameras.

When comparing Gino to her exes — who were “muscular” — she told him of the lessons he’s taught her. “What I’m trying to say is this is real love. I myself should feel more thankful for finding you and having you, all your love, all your support. And I need to learn from you baby, because you’re so kind, and I’m so bitchy all the time,” she said.

Gino contributed, “Yeah, you can be a real bitch.”

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That didn’t halt the romance. “I promise with my heart that I’m going to fight my emotions bad — I’m going to try to be a better person,” Jasmine said. The vow led Gino to tears, as they addressed her conflict with his family — and how thankful Gino was that Jasmine will try harder with his loved ones.

It all led Gino to propose (again!) this time, with a real diamond ring. (Yes, the one Jasmine has been hoping for since their first proposal.) She said a tearful yes, and the pair met in a sweet embrace.

“I have always wanted a different engagement ring,” she told cameras. “As much as the first one means a lot to me, let’s be honest — it was cheap as f—.”

The night was a no-conflict dream for Jasmine and Gino, but the episode wasn’t quite over. In an attempt to leave the past behind them, “new Jasmine” had something to confess: Dane, her ex, fronted $2,000 for her BBL.

Gino was either offended or devastated by the confession — which has yet to be fully explored.

“I can’t believe that we had such a good trip and you just killed all the momentum and happiness. Just killed everything,” he said as the episode concluded.

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