90 Day Fiancé's Sumit Wants to Explore Kama Sutra with Unimpressed Jenny: 'Make Love and Go to Sleep'

90 Day Fiance Sumit and Jenny
90 Day Fiance Sumit and Jenny


Jenny Slatten isn't sure she needs any training.

During Sunday night's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Sumit Singh and Jenny, 63, hit a rocky point on their honeymoon — and it had to do with what they both want in the bedroom.

The episode started with Jenny stepping out of her comfort zone by zip-lining with Sumit, 33 — a compromise to the more dangerous outdoor excursions Sumit wanted to try. After a successful day of outdoor exploration, Sumit proposed a way they could be more adventurous at home.

"What we could do [is] go ahead and explore some yoga tricks," Sumit said. "You must have heard about the word Kama Sutra? It teaches you how to, like, keep adventure in your married life or your sexual life."

Jenny appeared immediately skeptical. "Well, of course I've heard that," she said with a laugh. "Who hasn't?"

"So, like, that is also things we can do here," Sumit said.

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The idea didn't go over well with Jenny — who was confident she knew all the bedroom tricks she needed at 63. "What do you mean we can do that here? What do you mean?" she responded.

"I don't need to learn anything about it. I think I already know everything at this age. I think I already know everything I need to know. I don't need to be taught anything about — you're talking about different sex positions and sexual things? I mean, when I've looked at books — it's different sex positions, isn't it?" she responded.

"It's not just about getting physical [and] having sex," Sumit noted. "It's about connection."

Jenny, 63 (Palm Springs, Calif.) and Sumit, 33 (India)
Jenny, 63 (Palm Springs, Calif.) and Sumit, 33 (India)


Connection is something Jenny wasn't concerned about. "Connecting with each other? I think we connect pretty well," she said, before asking Sumit if he's happy with their sexual relationship.

Both agreed that they're well-matched in the bedroom, even without the Kama Sutra. When Jenny reiterated that she doesn't want a stranger teaching her about intimacy, Sumit added, "Maybe this is something I need."

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In a confessional with Jenny, Sumit explained why he wants to explore the teachings. "We are a young couple. We just recently got married," he said, before Jenny interjected.

"We're a young couple? One of us is," she added with a laugh. "I don't know, I just wanna — let's just make love and go to sleep."

Though he joined Jenny in laughter during that moment, he later expanded more on the idea — and its importance to him — in a solo confessional.

"We are husband and wife now. I want to bring adventure in the bedroom in order to achieve that pleasure goal," he said. "It's not just having coitus, it's like how you can reach to the moment where you can say that, like 'Oh man, this is something.' It's about the best thing that can happen in life."

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