9 Small Space Essentials You Can Buy on Amazon for Under $50

Christie Calucchia
·3 min read
9 Small Space Essentials You Can Buy on Amazon for Under $50

Small Space Essentials You Can Buy on Amazon for Under $50

Including storage baskets, floating shelves, and garment racks.

When you share a 750-square-foot apartment with a roommate, you learn a lot about how to make the most of what little space you have. What I’ve discovered from my own experience and from years of interviewing interior designers on the subject is that every item you bring into your home needs to have a purpose. Better yet, everything should serve multiple purposes. What good is a sofa if it can’t also turn into a spare bed? And why buy a coffee table that doesn’t double as a storage container?

If you’re on the hunt for affordable small space solutions, Amazon is a great place to look. It even has an entire section of pieces fit for cramped quarters. The recommended items are split up by room to help narrow your search so you can find exactly what you need. There are containers that easily slide underneath the bed, seagrass baskets to stylishly store spare items, floating shelves to display precious belongings without taking up floor space, and so much more.

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Not only are the products serious multi-taskers, but they also come at reasonable prices. We found nine standout items from Amazon’s selection of small space essentials all under $50. Prices start at just $10, so there’s no excuse to not get organized.

Umbra Estique Entryway Organizer

Having a drop zone to leave jackets, keys, and mail is a must in cramped spaces. This modern wall hanging comes with coat hooks and a shelf to hold other items, and it’s just the thing for a small front entryway. Plus, because it mounts directly onto the wall, it takes up virtually no space at all.