The 9 Skincare Essentials Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Can't Live Without (Exclusive)

The model, who partnered with waterdrop for a new collection, spoke with PEOPLE about how she keeps her skin hydrated from the inside out

<p>Matthew Donaldson</p> Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with her waterdrop essentials

Matthew Donaldson

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with her waterdrop essentials

For Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley, putting her best face forward every day is a top priority.

As a model, having good skin is important, and that means taking care of it from the inside out. Huntington-Whiteley, 36, tells PEOPLE that even when she was in her late teens, she took better care of her skin than the average adolescent — both because of her job and because she had sensitive skin that she needed to treat with care.

"I started modeling at 16, so I'd go for regular facials and see estheticians. That's where my skincare journey started," she tells PEOPLE. That journey has led her to finding out about a wealth of products that have helped keep her skin healthy, especially during the cold winter months.

But Huntington-Whiteley knows that skin hydration is more than just putting products on twice a day — it's also about nourishing your body from the inside. That's why she partnered with waterdrop for the new waterdrop x Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Collection that includes flavored water drops, chic bottles and more to help you stay hydrated year round.

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"When I discovered waterdrop, I just found it to be a really inspiring way of drinking water, particularly for people who struggle. I have lots of friends who are always complaining about how difficult it is to drink water.," she says.

Huntington-Whiteley says the partnership feels "authentic" to her since she's already drinking so much water each day, and it helps to fuel her body and keeps her skin clear and hydrated.

In addition to her flavored water, find out Huntington-Whiteley's other skincare essentials that she can't live without this winter.

Waterdrop Snow

<p>Waterdrop</p> Waterdrop Snow


Waterdrop Snow

"The first thing I drink in the morning is water with lemon, and I continue to drink water throughout the day. I've always got my waterdrop water bottle with me and I always get lots of compliments on it. I'm always refilling it and adding waterdrop snow (shown). I love the way that they flavor the water to make it interesting."

Buy It! Waterdrop Snow, $13;

Bioderma Micellar Water

<p>Bioderma</p> Bioderma Micellar Water


Bioderma Micellar Water

"This is probably my longest-standing product of all time: I first started using it when I first started modeling. Back when I was doing shows, girls did three to five shows a day, and we would go from one to the next, to the next. By the end of the day, your skin would just be red and raw from removing all the makeup.

And then a makeup artist said, "You should try Bioderma," and I've never looked back. It kind of blows my mind that it removes your makeup because it truly feels like you're using water and nothing else."

Buy It! Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, $20.99;

Santa Maria Novella Rose Water

Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Rose
Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Rose

"This is what I cleanse my face with in the morning. I've used this forever. I just find waking my face up with rose water to be really invigorating and brightening."

Buy It! Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Rose, $35;

Shani Darden Cleanser

<p>Shani Darden</p> Shani Darden Cleansing Serum

Shani Darden

Shani Darden Cleansing Serum

"I've been going to my facialist Shani [Darden] for going on 12 or 13 years now, maybe a bit longer. She introduced me to most of the skincare products that I use now, so when she launched her products, I couldn't have been happier. Her cleanser is just amazing. It's an indulgent jelly-like texture, and it feels so thick and yummy on the skin."

Buy It! Shani Darden Cleansing Serum, $38;

Rose Inc SPF

<p>Rose Inc</p> Rose Inc. SPF

Rose Inc

Rose Inc. SPF

"I've not been a big fan of actually wearing SPF on my face for many years because I felt like they were greasy, felt really thick and were pore-clogging, or left a white cast.

I particularly love this one because I got to create my dream SPF. This is a really beautiful lightweight SPF 30. It leaves your skin looking so dewy and hydrated, and makeup works beautifully over the top of it."

Buy It! Rose Inc Solar Power Luminous SPF 30 Serum, $46;

Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm

<p>Augustinus Bader</p> Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm

Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm

"I obviously have a lot of makeup on when I'm at work. I love the way this removes my makeup — it just kind of melts it all away, particularly the eye makeup. I keep this in my shower. It's got a really nice sensorial feeling as you're using it."

Buy It! Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm, $77;

iS Clinical Regimen

<p>iS Clinical</p> iS Clinical products

iS Clinical

iS Clinical products

"This is another brand I've been using for years that's so well-loved by estheticians and dermatologists. So for me, I feel like I'm using something that I know is the best. They're gentle, but they do the work.

These are my four favorites, but I pretty much use all of their products, and I can truly say it's one of those few brands where each product is fantastic. That's quite rare. The innovation, the testing, the science behind it, all of their products are really second to none."

Buy It! iS Clinical Active Serum, $88; iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance, $95; iS Clinical Active Peel System, $88; iS Clinical Retinol+ Emulsion 0.3, $105;

SkinCeuticals Moisturizer

<p>SkinCeuticals</p> SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2


SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2

"I've used this for years. It feels really bouncy on the skin, and instantly plumps and hydrates. It's a really beautiful moisturizer to wear underneath makeup. It will always be in my medicine cabinet."

Buy It! SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, $150;

Noble Panacea Face Oil

<p>Noble Panacea</p> Noble Panacea The Brilliant Glow Hydration Oil

Noble Panacea

Noble Panacea The Brilliant Glow Hydration Oil

"I've always been someone who's steered clear of oils because I have sensitive, congested skin. But there's something about this oil that just is unbelievable. It doesn't break me out, it feels beautiful and it leaves the skin with this sheen and glow that's like nothing else I've ever used before. I love that it comes in these little sachets, so it's really great for traveling with. Each sachet has the perfect amount that you need for your skin."

Buy It! Noble Panacea The Brilliant Glow Hydration Oil, $235;

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