9 Brands That Can Help You Scale Your Business the Smart Way

Getting a new business off the ground is a challenging feat. You must take out loans for startup businesses, find investors, and hire the people who will become your all-star team. It can be tempting to rush through each stage of the process to scale your business quickly and attempt to bring in the cash flow required to get you to the next level.

Remember the short story you heard about the tortoise and the hare as a child? The hare lost the race because he ran too fast. His confidence in his ability to move quickly caused him to be careless, and he lost. The tortoise won by weighing his options and taking one step at a time.

Slow and steady wins the race. You can use this same tactic when you scale your startup. Set clear goals for your business and go one day at a time. Utilizing the proper tools can make it easier than ever for you to build awareness as you scale your business. The nine brands listed here can help you make the smart choice when choosing your startup business loan, connecting with investors, hiring your first employees, and so much more.

Let Entrepreneur Help You Research Loans for Startup Businesses and Find the Loan That Best Suits Your Company’s Unique Needs

Every business needs capital to get started. Think of all the costs associated with starting a business. You need to hire marketing experts to help you build a brand image and develop a voice. You’ll want employees on your team to help balance the workload. Then there’s the necessity of an online presence — social media, a website, and an online storefront. You may also need to rent an office space or brick-and-mortar storefront.

All these costs add up quickly. You don’t want to pay for all of that out of your pocket. Startup loans for small businesses can help you take care of all these initial costs associated with running your business and give you the freedom to invest in reaching your goals. Do your research to ensure you choose the loan that best suits your company’s unique needs.

Entrepreneur can help you research different types of loans for startup business and their requirements, including microloans, personal business loans, and online loans. Let them help you compare the differences between loan types to find the best fit.

Use Access VC To Connect With Investors Exited To Back Your Brand

Loans aren’t the only way to find the funds needed to get your business up and running. Put yourself out there and connect with entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. Once you launch your startup, these connections can become your initial investors.

Attending networking events is one of many ways to connect with investors excited to work with your brand. Online forums, like Access VC, can help you find investors for either the initial phase of your startup or when you are looking to scale up to the next level. Access VC invests in companies that seek to improve health, hygiene, and nutrition.

Since Access VC is a venture arm of Reckitt, your brand will have access to funds, their unique six-month accelerator program to help you scale up, and much more. If your brand is in the world of health and wellness or hygiene, it’s worth taking two minutes to fill out their contact form to see what Access VC could do for you.

Protect Yourself With Landlord Insurance From Steadily

If you manage apartments, you need to protect yourself with landlord insurance. As a landlord, you may be liable for any injuries to tenants or guests on your property. For example, say a tenant fell down the stairs and broke their leg. They could turn around and sue you for medical expenses if they can prove the fall was related to an ill-maintained living space.

Even if you keep your rental properties in tip-top shape, investing in landlord insurance is smart. Otherwise, you could lose thousands of dollars in a lawsuit with one tenant, setting yourself back from purchasing your next rental property and scaling up your business.

Steadily breaks down the landlord insurance cost, making it easy to see the protections your payments go towards. If you are just starting, Steadily can help you compare the cost of landlord insurance from state to state. Access to that information at your fingertips can help you make the best decisions as you continue growing your business and investing in more rental properties.

Follow Smart Recruiters’ Hiring Process Suggestions

Bringing in experts in their field can help fill in the gaps in your knowledge, allowing you to scale your business faster and smarter. Hiring a social media manager, for example, could take the load of curating a social media presence off your plate. The right person could help grow your audience from a few hundred to a hundred thousand. Eventually, you’ll need to bring in a team to balance the workload and allow you to focus on being the CEO of your startup.

You’ll need to develop a hiring and onboarding process to build a quality team. Hire too quickly, and you could regret it in six months when the project flow isn’t up to your standards. Smart Recruiters hiring process suggestions can help you develop a hiring process that works for your business.

Smart Recruiter’s intelligent software can assist you in your hiring process every step of the way. Job board integration helps you reach the talent you’re looking for with helpful tools like Easy Apply. Their system uses AI technology to screen applicants to help match you with the right candidates for the job, and you can easily schedule and perform any needed assessments.

Finally, Smart Recruiters builds a new hire task manager to help you onboard your pick. Smart Recruiter’s seamless system takes the pressure off you during the hiring process and lets you focus on finding the right fit.

Find Influencers on 10PM Curfew To Promote Your Brand on Social Media

If you want your business to grow, you must get it in front of your target audience. Television and radio ads can help you reach hundreds of thousands of people, but they are expensive, and people don’t watch cable TV or listen to the radio as they used to. In today’s culture, most people spend their time scrolling on social media.

Creating a platform on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook can help you reach the same amount of people as a TV ad at a much lower cost. Establish an account to promote your business and engage with potential customers. Once you have a solid presence, expand your reach by working with influencers in your niche.

10PM Curfew is the fastest-growing network of female creators and lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands, with an average reach of over 50 million followers between Instagram and TikTok. They can help you connect with micro-influencers and celebrities to curate authentic content to draw more attention to your brand. 10PM Curfew content creators know what it takes to go viral; when you work with them, you’ll have the potential to reach millions of new customers in a single post.

Perform Market Research With Survey Monkey To Better Understand What Your Customer Is Looking For

When you feel ready to scale up, you want to make choices you know your clientele base will engage with. You don’t want to manufacture new products and add them to your inventory only to realize that they aren’t something your current customers enjoy. Consider who your target audience is and what your most popular products are. Use your data to guess what other needs they have that your company could fill for them.

Online surveys are a simple and cost-effective way to target specific demographics and ask them questions about your products. Survey Monkey can help you design a survey, find your audience, and analyze your results in one place. Their flexible targeting allows you to reach a specific, targeted demographic, and bots ensure the data comes from real people.

With Survey Monkey, you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get market research results. Their audience of millions of users worldwide can respond to your survey on the same day, helping you make educated decisions as you scale your business.

Curate an E-Commerce Search Engine for Your Online Storefront Using Expertrec

You want to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for when they arrive on your website. If your online storefront had a physical location, you’d have a customer service representative greet anyone upon entering and offer to help them find what they are looking for. A simple search bar at the top of your website can provide the same experience to customers shopping online.

Luckily, you don’t need years of experience to add a search engine to your website quickly. Expertrec allows you to add a customizable eCommerce search engine to your website in just a few clicks. Simply sign up using your Google ID, choose the nearest server location, and add your site’s URL. Add your customizations while the engine crawls your site. Once the crawl is complete, you can copy and paste the code snippet Expertrec generated to your website.

Now, your eCommerce search will help customers find what they need faster, making it more likely that they make a purchase. Plus, you’ll have access to the data the search engine provides. Quickly access popular searches and plan marketing strategies around your most popular products.

Invest in High-Quality Child Resistant Packaging by Working With Dymapak

You don’t want to rush when choosing the right packaging for your product. If your products sell in retail stores, the packaging could be your customer’s first introduction to your brand. Then there is the increase in popularity of unboxing videos on social media. When you share your product with an influencer, you want the package they open to be gorgeous and encourage others to order it.

If your product contains small parts that could pose a choking hazard or contain ingredients that could be hazardous if ingested, you need child-resistant packaging. Dymapak provides high-quality child resistant packaging suitable for many product types. They have flexible pouches, secure tins, and twist dispensers. Plus, they support sustainable business practices.

Dymapak will work with you to ensure your label is front and center on all the packaging. You won’t have to worry about adhering to strict government guidelines since you can trust Dympak to do it.

Wear Copper Fit Compression Gear To Ease Aches and Pains on Busy Workdays

Building and scaling your business is going to require you to work a lot of long hours. That means you’ll spend more time sitting at your desk than ever before, which can contribute to poor circulation. Wearing compression socks can help improve blood flow and circulation in your legs when sitting for long periods.

Copper Fit has a full line of compression gear that can help you perform at your best, whether at your desk or the gym. Don’t let yourself get uncomfortable sitting at your desk all day. Pop on a pair of breathable compression socks with arch support. They’ll help absorb shock on your morning run and keep your blood flowing while you sit through long meetings with investors.

If your body isn’t feeling its best, you may be too distracted to focus on what really matters: scaling your business. There’s no need to suffer aches and pains at your desk. Copper Fit compression gear can help alleviate tension in your body and keep your mind clear to focus on your goals.

Be the Tortoise and Scale Your Business the Smart Way

These nine brands should help you make smarter decisions when scaling your business. Let Entrepreneur help you find the loan you need to get to the next level, connect with influencers with 10PM Curfew who can instantly get your product in front of thousands of people, and use an eCommerce search engine to make shopping on your site more accessible than ever.

Think smarter rather than faster. With each step you take to grow, give yourself space to analyze the data before jumping to the next thing. Be the tortoise and find success by making intuitive smart choices to grow your business one day at a time.

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