9 best hangover cures for headaches and nausea

Ellie Davis
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If you are tired of regrettable Sunday blues and a day wasted on the sofa feeling the effects of the night before, these are the products and practices that will help you feel like your former self.

While we are all looking for that quick fix solution, we hate to tell you that the ultimate hangover cure does not exist, expect for not drinking in the first place, BUT there are ways to manage the symptoms.

As we get older, the headaches, sicky feeling, fatigue, dizziness and dehydration feels more acute and our once boundless stamina starts to go downhill – popping an ibuprofen or Aspirin may not be an effective solution (and should never be taken on an empty stomach).

Why do we get hangovers and what are the best cures?

First and foremost, sleep is always the best medicine as alcohol can alter your brain activity while you are hitting the hay, resulting in a disturbed snooze. It is also important to line your stomach and stay hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic and so you should always drink one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consumer to counteract the dehydration. Contrary to popular belief, hair of the dog does not cure your hangover and only delays the effects.

There are also a few vitamins and minerals that work to refuel your body and combat the overindulgence to make the next day that extra bit easier. We have consulted the experts – and tried and tested ourselves (it was a tough job but someone had to do it) to find the best ways to fight that hangover feeling.

See the best.

Biocol Labs – Liver

It is well known that your liver takes the brunt of alcohol drinking and this handy capsule helps to soothe the post-night out effect with a combination of milk thistle, artichoke and choline.

£19.90 | Biocol Labs


This essential powdered formula is ideal when travelling to exotic locations to counteract upset tummies as it is recommended to replace lost salt and minerals – and the same is true for hangovers.

Shamir Patel, pharmacist and founder of Chemist 4 U explains, “This can help you to feel better and have more energy, and this is especially effective if you have been sick or nauseous.” It is also confirmed by London’s leading nutritionist Lily Soutter who adds that the “electrolyte solution will help to rehydrate the body and replace lost fluids after drinking.”

£3.79 | Superdrug

Over Indulgence Milk Thistle Capsules

Take these milk thistle capsules twice daily to maximise the effects of the star hangover busting ingredient. According to nutritionist Lily Soutter, “Studies have shown that the active components of milk thistle may help to ease liver inflammation and promote cell repair.” This explains why the herbal remedy is used to boost your liver and protect it from substances like alcohol.

£12.99 | Holland & Barrett


Long a staple part of the post-night out cure kit, Berocca puts much-needed electrolytes and essential vitamins and minerals back into your body, including both vitamin C and B. Rachel Clarkson, registered dietitiian at The DNA Dietitian explains that the formula “gives a heavy dose of vitamin C – a potent anti-oxidant that fights off free radicals that may be caused by drinking.”

From £5 | Boots

Pickle Juice

It may be considered an old wives tale to drink pickle juice on a hangover but registered, Rachel Clarkson, confirms the solution works to “replenish your electrolytes because it’s a mix of water, sugar and salt.”

£7.45 | The Whisky Exchange

Morning Recovery

Step up your rehydration with this beverage from More Labs. The formula contains dihydromyricetin – derived from the Japanese raisin tree – and alongside Prickly Pear Extract supports your liver and boosts its natural ability to break down alcohol. The vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free supplement is available for worldwide shipping.

More Labs
More Labs

$27 for six | More Labs


The CBD market has exploded with new brands popping up left, right and centre claiming the non-hallucinogenic part of marijuana can cure a whole host of ailments. On top of inflammation and insomnia, these include nausea, headaches and anxiety which become more acute after drinking.


From £7.97 | Healthspan

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Holy Moly Smashed Avocado

The nation’s favourite breakfast ingredient may be have more of a benefit for your hangover than you thought. Pharmacist Shamir Patel reveals that “avocados have high potassium, which can help restore your levels from alcohol consumption and tackle dehydration” and when paired with toast, it’s even better. “Though a queasy stomach may put you off the idea, you really should try to fill up on food. Carbohydrates will keep you full, and fats help replace the acids lost to drinking,” Patel adds.

£2 | Tesco

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