8778 Productions Releases Award-Winning Film on Major Streaming Platform

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2022 / 8778 Productions, whose movies include Dependents and Necromancy, has released its 2017 film The Johnny Starr Story on the streaming platform Plex TV. With the news, the independent film production company, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, brings its thriller to a wider Internet audience.

The Johnny Starr Story centers on a reporter in Louisiana who investigates the mysterious deaths of musician Johnny Starr and a local D.A. 43 years prior and experiences a tangled web of cover-ups and intrigue in the process. The film is anchored by actor James Burleson in the role of Taylor, the manager of Johnny Starr's band.

Israel Varela, executive producer for 8778 Productions and the film's director, commented, "After finishing post production on the film, we went on the festival circuit with it, earning a few nominations and awards. Then the film sat dormant for a while as we tried to secure some sort of distribution for the film. In 2022 we got our big break as we pitched it to Plex TV, which is an online streaming platform, and they picked it up for worldwide streaming."

The film is loosely based on a true story that took place in Natchitoches, LA. 8778 Productions states that being able to film in the same town the story was based on was nothing short of amazing. "The locals were more than willing to help out and provide anything we needed, and Executive Producer Laura "Prissy" Scott, who is from Natchitoches, had all the right connections to ensure we could get the film done," the company says. "Everything just came together perfectly, and we will always be grateful for the cast, crew, and town of Natchitoches for helping us pull off this amazing independent film."

With The Johnny Starr Story now available for streaming on Plex TV, 8778 Productions hopes that it will inspire a new generation of independent filmmakers. "There are so many untold stories just waiting to be brought to the big screen," the company says. "At 8778 Productions, we are exploring the lives of regular people everyday with the goal of creating more films that respect their experiences and entertain audiences."

8778 Productions was formed to tell stories from creatives and empower those it works with. Its mission is to knock down the traditional barriers and gatekeepers in the entertainment industry and bring stories to a global audience using new, technologically advanced platforms. The Johnny Starr Story, whose film lead James Burleson has appeared in over 80 films, has earned 5 festival wins and 6 nominations.

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