82-Year-Old Calif. Man Drowns After His Canoe Capsizes in Missouri River

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Michael Gäbler/Wikimedia Current River in Missouri

An 82-year-old California man has died after his canoe capsized in a Missouri river, causing him to drown, authorities said.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol confirmed the fatality in an Online Boat/Drowning Incident Report and identified the victim as David Robles of Los Angeles.

Authorities said Robles was canoeing on Saturday on Current River at Chilton Creek when "a strong current" swept his canoe into a root wad.

A root wad is defined as the trunk of a dead tree, where the roots of the trunk are still attached but exposed from the soil, according to Forestry Solutions.

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They are very beneficial to the environment because they stabilize river banks and provide a habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms to live, the outlet reported.

After getting caught in the root wad, officials said Robles' canoe capsized.

The Los Angeles resident then became trapped underneath the root wad and drowned, according to the incident report.

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Robles was pronounced dead at 12:20 local time and was later transported to McSpadden Funeral Home in Van Buren, officials said.

In addition to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Missouri Department of Conservation and National Park Service also investigated the drowning, per the report.

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