8 reasons why a Harry Potter marathon can be justified at all ages

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8 reasons why a Harry Potter marathon can be justified at all ages

A Harry Potter Marathon is a lot of fun - there's something for everyone here, no matter how old you are. Even if you haven't read the novels, there are still many ways to appreciate this timeless tale.

There are several compelling reasons to watch a Harry Potter Marathon. This is the series that essentially changed the way we view movies and television shows. The Harry Potter series was entertaining, but it was also ground-breaking in portraying complicated characters in a simple ‘follow the tale’ manner. Individuals of all ages are currently watching Harry Potter movies and episodes.

I'd rather have these eight reasons why a Harry Potter marathon is appropriate for people of all ages, as listed below:

To begin with, the films are pretty engaging and may transport the spectator to another planet for many hours. We've grown to care about these characters to the point that they nearly seem like actual people. It's almost as if you're reuniting with old acquaintances after several viewings. We felt as though we were right there with them when they went via a happy or sad experience.

Subplots are very popular among readers, viewers, and audiences. When the storyline is completed, the story does not stop suddenly. This frequently leads to speculations and assumptions about what may have occurred if the story had gone on longer.

The majority of the time, the Harry Potter plot alludes to an ancient and intricate occurrence that occurred a long time ago (murders in the Godric's hollow). Many characters in the narrative have different (and often conflicting) memories of it. Several more minor subplots relate to Potter's death, like Peter Pettigrew's, Sirius Black's, Albus Dumbledore's, Sybill Trelawney's, and so on. The cast members who thread various stories together to produce one cohesive plot are very popular with audiences.

J.K.Rowling spells out the rules clearly and decisively, entangling the audience in the regulations. She seldom deviates from the norm (though she did in this story), leaving the listener with the sense that she does the same with insight.

And besides, the fantastic visuals, the spellcasters zipping throughout the screens, people battling with magical weapons and colourful strikes, and disappearing individuals are all things a person like seeing. They're challenging and engaging, with personalities that can be identified with their intended viewers. They feature excellent film music as well as excellent special effects. They do have some darker, more depressing scenes.

Because the films depicted the protagonists growing up from small children to emerging teenagers, some audiences were lucky enough to experience their growth with them. Because their favourite characters were growing up and becoming adults simultaneously, this may have made some younger viewers feel less scared about the prospect of growing up and becoming adults.

Every succeeding picture could leverage the universe even farther than the previous one, including new characters and concepts. This also added to the feeling of being transported to some other universe every time we witnessed it.

The movies additionally give viewers a feeling of optimism, allowing us to see that no matter how good or bad a situation becomes, there has to be a chance that it may improve.

To unwind and improve our spirits, we occasionally need to enjoy a few little fantasies. Whenever we watch the Harry Potter movies, we are transported to another universe. It's not just that the lead character is without problems, but perhaps the manner he approaches issues with a positive attitude is admirable.

Aside from that, it's a fantastic narrative with everything you could ever want. Suspense, love, mystery, thrills, tempo, and MAGIC are all present in this film.

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