8 Casualty spoilers for next week

iain dean, donna jackson, max cristie, casualty
8 huge Casualty spoilers for next weekBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

It's all change on Casualty next week, with four new characters, a returning character and a couple more surprises along the way.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments to watch out for:

1. There's a time jump…

paige allcott, casualty

Next week's Casualty episode will jump forward in time by six weeks, with a notable shift in character and story pace as a result.

Tonight's scenes explored Faith's backstory in the aftermath of Robyn's death, but life in the ED is starting to move on when we catch up with it again.

2. Charlie deals with a difficult task

charlie fairhead, casualty

Robyn might be gone but she's certainly not forgotten, and Charlie's grief is cut wide open when Rash hands him some of her post.

Struggling, Charlie retreats to the staff room, where he catches up with an old friend.

3. Donna is back

donna jackson, casualty

It was recently announced that former Holby City star Donna Jackson will be crossing over to sister show Casualty – and on a permanent basis as well.

The fun-loving nurse will be taking on a new challenge in the ED next week, leading a team of new student nurses. But it quickly becomes apparent that Donna may have bitten off more than she can chew with this.

4. Meet the new nurses!

rida amaan, casualty

Casualty fans will be introduced to Cameron, Jodie, Rida and Ryan in next week's scenes, but it's fair to say that some take to the ED better than others.

Under the supervision of Donna, the clan attempt to navigate their first day in the busy department, but Cameron, in particular, finds himself struggling with the high-pressure environment.

5. Jodie makes a blunder on her first day

jodi whyte, casualty

Jodie's first day on the job gets off to a bad start, after she spends the night with a stranger she met in a bar.

When she turns up late to her first shift as a consequence, Jodie's strange behaviour alerts Stevie's suspicions and she nearly gets dragged away by security. Can Jodie prove herself to Donna before it's too late?

6. Max gets a blast from the past

max, casualty

Max's world will be turned upside down by a new face in the ED.

Max finds his shift taking a very unexpected turn when someone from his past turns up in unexpected circumstances. But fans will have to tune in to the episode to find out just who Max sees, and what this will mean.

7. Teddy discovers Faith and Iain's romance

iain dean, faith, casualty

Iain and Faith's relationship is going from strength to strength next week, as he continues to support her in the wake of recent events.

As the pair steal some alone time in the ambulance, they are caught out by Teddy – but will he be able to keep the news about the latest ED romance to himself?

8. There's a new paramedic

iain dean, jacob masters, casualty

The paramedics will welcome a surprising recruit in next week's episode.

This latest member of the ambulance team is well-known to viewers and is returning to the ED, but not necessarily in the same guise as before…

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, April 8 on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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