8 Best Web3 Crypto Projects to Invest in 2023

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The next generation of the internet, web3, will incorporate a range of exciting technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, iOT, and the metaverse.

Therefore, now could be a great time to build a portfolio of web3 crypto coins for the future development of this niche market. So, in this article we discuss the 8 best web3 crypto projects to invest in 2023.

Web3 Crypto List - Top 8 Web3 Coins for 2023

Looking for an up-to-date web3 crypto coins list? Check out the 8 Web3 projects listed below:

  1. MEMAG - Overall Best Web3 Cryptocurrency Project with P2E Rewards

  2. Fight Out - Web3 Project With Move-to-Earn Rewards on the Blockchain

  3. C+Charge - Bridging the Gap Between Carbon Credit Rewards and EV Charging

  4. RobotEra - Futuristic Web3 Metaverse With Virtual Land Ownership

  5. Calvaria - Battle Card Games Enter the Web3 via Blockchain Rewards

  6. Lucky Block - Web3 Casino Suite With Anonymous Gambling Accounts

  7. Tamadoge - Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem With Virtual Pets

  8. Ethereum - De-Facto Blockchain Framework for Web3 Projects

Best Web3 Crypto Coins to Buy Now - Full Analysis

Below, we discuss a selection of the top web3 crypto projects that have every chance of playing a major role in how we engage with the internet in the coming years.

1. MEMAG - Overall Best Web3 Cryptocurrency Project

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is an exciting new project that is bringing mobile gaming to web3. This project already has a headstart in the web3 gaming space, considering that it has already commissioned three titles from a range of genres, including racing and exploration.

MEMAG does not build its own games. On the contrary, MEMAG is partnering with proven gaming developers that have solid experience in blockchain-based titles. This means that the MEMAG ecosystem will suit gamers of all types.

This web3 crypto project will host play-and-earn gaming titles that can be accessed from any smartphone. The idea here is that when gamers play a MEMAG game, they have the opportunity to earn rewards.

Rewards are distributed based on specific in-game accomplishments, such as winning a race against another player. While MEMAG games will support the PvP (player vs player) mechanism, players will also be able to compete against AI.

Either way, rewards are paid in GEMS tokens, which are native to Meta Masters Guild, The primary token, however, is MEMAG - which is currently available to buy via a presale launch - more on this shortly.

When earning and accumulating GEMS, the tokens can be used to purchase in-game assets. Any in-game assets purchased by players are owned by the respective individual. Each in-game asset is represented by an Ethereum-based NFT.

This is in stark contrast to traditional mobile games, where purchased items are owned and stored by the developer. GEMS can also be converted to MEMAG. This will suit players that wish to cash in their in-game rewards for other crypto assets, such as ETH or USDT.

We also like that Meta Masters Guild will enable players to stake their MEMAG tokens and this is also the case for NFTs. This option will suit long-term investors that wish to earn a passive income on their digital assets while the gaming guild is being developed.

Based on the fact that MEMAG has already raised over $3.2 million in presale funding, this illustrates that many investors believe that this is the best Web3 crypto project to invest in. The current price of MEMAG is $0.019 per token.

The presale is, however, about to enter stage six, which means that the price will rise to $0.021. This acts as an incentive for investors to complete their presale purchase early. After the MEMAG presale has finished, this web3 crypto token will be listed on a crypto exchange.

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2. Fight Out - Web3 Project With Move-to-Earn Rewards on the Blockchain

Fight Out is another web3 cryptocurrency project that - although recently founded, has already secured validation from the broader investment market. The reason for this is that Fight Out has already raised almost $4 million via its ongoing presale.

This feat should not be understated, considering that the presale only went live in late 2022. Fight Out is building a global fitness ecosystem that will incorporate many emerging web technologies, such as the metaverse and blockchain.

Moreover, the Fight Out ecosystem will also offer users move-to-earn rewards. The overarching concept is that by completing workout routines, users will be paid crypto rewards. This process will be achieved via the Fight Out app.

The only way to accumulate move-to-earn rewards is by subscribing to the Fight Out app, which requires users to stake FGHT tokens. This is the primary utility token backing Fight Out and the digital asset currently available to buy via the aforementioned presale.

Fight Out also has a secondary token - REPS. This is the token that users will earn when performing exercises, whether that’s walking, running, weightlifting, yoga, or playing sports. This ensures that users can earn rewards when engaging with their preferred routine.

In the coming months, Fight Out will also be acquiring a portfolio of gyms across multiple regions. Fight Out gyms will run in conjunction with the project’s metaverse world and mobile app. In other words, users will be able to earn REPS when working out in a Fight Out gym.

The Fight Out presale moves in stages like the previously discussed MEMAG. At the time of writing, FGHT tokens are available at a discounted price of $0.0201. Considering that FGHT will be listed at $0.0333 after the presale, this is an attractive discount of almost 40%.

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3. C+Charge - Bridging the Gap Between Carbon Credit Rewards and EV Charging C+Charge is also a solid option to consider from this list of top web3 crypto projects. Electric vehicle (EV) ownership continues to grow at a rapid pace as each year passes, and renewable energy, in general, is expected to play a major role in the future of web3.

C+Charge is looking to solve an existing web2 problem when it comes to charging EVs, insofar as currently, consumers do not receive any carbon credit rebates. Instead, only large corporations - such as EV markers and charging station networks, do.

C+Charge is incorporating blockchain and decentralization into its framework, which will subsequently enable consumers to earn tokenized carbon credits after completing and paying for an EV charge.

C+Charge will partner with leading EV networks as well as a broad selection of startups and local alternatives. 1% of each EV charging transaction will be used to purchase carbon credits from the open market. This will then be distributed to the respective EV owner.

To gain access to this innovative EV rewards system, consumers will need to acquire the project’s native web3 token - CCHG. CCHG can be used as a payment method when using one of the C+Charge’s partnered stations.

We also like that C+Charge is building a user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android, which offers everything that EV owners need to track their carbon credit earnings. The C+Charge app also provides lots of useful information on partnered charging stations that are within distance.

Green investors that believe C+Charge could be one of the best web3 coins of the future can head over to the presale dashboard right now. As of writing, the presale is still in stage one - which means that investors will lock in the lowest price possible.

Visit C+Charge Presale

4. RobotEra - Futuristic Web3 Metaverse With Virtual Land Ownership

Another segment of the web3 concept that is expected to dominate in the coming years is the metaverse. In its most basic form, the metaverse connects the bridge between the ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ worlds.

One of the best web3 tokens in 2023 to gain exposure to the metaverse is TARO. TARO is the native crypto token of the RobotEra metaverse world, which has just launched its respective presale campaign.

One of the most intriguing aspects of RobotEra is that users can invest in the metaverse by purchasing virtual plots of land. This works much the same as buying traditional land - but ownership is represented on the blockchain via an NFT.

This means that RobotEra plots can be bought and sold safely and transparently. All metaverse transactions are conducted in TARO, which ensures that this web3 token has an actual use case.

RobotEra gives land owners the freedom to build whatever they wish, such as a house, condo block, museum, stadium, shopping mall, or casino. In the RobotEra metaverse, virtual landowners will also be able to monetize their investments.

For instance, one such idea is to build a blockchain of condos and rent each unit out to other RobotEra users. The RobotEra metaverse, as the name suggests, is themed around robots. Each person that enters the metaverse can create their own robot avatar.

RobotEra avatars can be personalized, and extra wearables can be purchased via the online marketplace. Additional features that we like about RobotEra include the ability to build and play games, host virtual events, and socialize with other users.

RobotEra has launched its much-anticipated presale campaign, where stage one investors can buy TARO tokens at a 25% discount. This is because stages one and two are priced at $0.020 and $0.025 respectively. As each stage passes, the price of TARO will continue to rise.

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5. Calvaria - Battle Card Games Enter the Web3 via Blockchain Rewards

Another innovator in the web3 gaming space that we like the look of is Calvaria. This project is developing a multiverse ecosystem that enables players to explore and earn. There are multiple worlds to navigate and players can earn rewards by playing battle card games.

Before getting started, players will need to mint some NFTs, each of which represents a Calvaria battle card with random traits. The more strengths that a battle card has, the better chance the player will defeat other users.

In doing so, the player will earn RAI tokens, which backs the Calvaria ecosystem. Although the Calvaria roadmap is still in its early stages, the game is already making great progress. This sentiment is backed by the crypto community, considering the success of the presale.

Put simply, the Calvaria presale sold out in the days prior to writing. The presale successfully sold all of the 150 million RAI tokens that it listed, raising more than $3 million in the process. There will, however, be another chance to invest in this web3 crypto coin.

A specific date is yet to be announced, but the first exchange listing of RAI is set for Q1 2023. And what's more, Calvaria has already formed partnerships with major exchanges like Gate.io and KuCoin, so the future potential of this web3 token could be unprecedented.

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6. Lucky Block - Web3 Casino Suite With Anonymous Gambling Accounts

Gambling in the web3 era will represent a major sea-change from the industry’s current framework. At the forefront of this are privacy, anonymity, and enhanced fairness to the player. This is where Lucky Block comes in, which is one of the best web crypto projects to consider.

Lucky Block has launched its web3 casino suite, which supports popular digital assets like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Litecoin, and more. Players do not need to provide any personal information when registering with Lucky Block, as its web3 casino supports anonymity.

Furthermore, players at the Lucky Block casino suite can deposit and withdraw funds near-instantly. Unlike the current state of the online gambling industry, this ensures that players receive their winnings in minutes rather than days.

Although Lucky Block incorporates web3 technologies, its platform is user-friendly and can be accessed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, not only does Lucky Block support casino games, but a comprehensive sports betting platform too.

Lucky Block is backed by one of the best web3 crypto coins for 2023 - LBLOCK. This utility token will soon be supported by the Lucky Block casino and sportsbook for the purpose of making deposits, wagers, and payouts.

In the meantime, LBLOCK trader at various exchanges and when compared to its prior all-time high, is available at a notable discount of over 90%. This offers a great entry point when building a portfolio of web3 tokens for the future.

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7. Tamadoge - Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem With Virtual Pets

Tamadoge is also one of the best Web3 crypto coins to buy in 2023. This project is not only building a wave of fun play-to-earn games that come with monetizable rewards, but in the very near future, access to Tamadoge will be possible via the metaverse.

In fact, the Tamadoge roadmap also confirms that the project will incorporate augmented reality (AR) into its play-to-earn products which, again, is another technology that is expected to have a major say in the future of web3.

Tamadoge gaming products come in the shape of arcade-style titles and the first game has already been launched. Super Doge is a game that requires players to avoid so-called evil SECKnights while simultaneously collecting TAMA tokens.

TAMA is the web3 token that backs the Tamadoge metaverse. Another really innovative feature of Tamadoge is that each player is represented by a unique virtual pet. Each pet is backed by an NFT. Moreover, Tamadoge pets can be trained by the player to improve their traits.

Crucially, the more strengths that a Tamadoge pet has, the higher the chance of the player defeating other users via in-game battles. There is a Tamadoge leaderboard that rewards winning players with additional TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge completed its presale launch in late 2022 - with the web3 project raising more than $19 million. TAMA is now available to buy from multiple crypto exchanges at a favorable entry price, considering the small market capitalization on offer.

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8. Ethereum - De-Facto Blockchain Framework for Web3 Projects

All of the web3 cryptocurrency projects discussed today have one thing in common - they are all built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The reason for this is that Ethereum facilitates fast and secure transactions, not to mention smart contract agreements.

And as a result, it makes sense that Ethereum should also be considered when building a portfolio of the best web3 crypto coins. Ethereum is continuously improving its underlying framework, especially when it comes to scalability and fees.

This means that Ethereum will have everything it needs to host existing and new web3 projects in a seamless manner. Moreover, Ethereum is trading at a fraction of its former all-time high, so now represents a great entry point for new investors.


The transition from web2 to web3 is moving at an unprecedented pace, so investors from both the traditional and digital asset spaces are already building a portfolio of suitable tokens.

Meta Masters Guild and its MEMAG token are especially popular, considering that it has already raised over $3.2 million via its presale campaign.

Web3 investors still have time to purchase MEMAG at the discounted presale price of $0.019 per token.

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