72 Matching Couple Tattoos That Aren’t Cheesy

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Couple tattoos can be a polarizing topic: Some people cringe at the idea of matching tattoos for couples, while others think there’s no better way to cement, embrace, and enthusiastically show off their love for their partner. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks: Each couple knows what’s best for them.

That said, you might have some questions about the phenomenon. Why do so many couples opt to get matching relationship tattoos in the first place, and therefore, why should you?

Why do couples get matching tattoos?

According to Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex and relationships, matching tattoos can serve as a physical and permanent reminder of a person, commitment, care, experience, feeling, or moment. “When we see a tattoo on our body, it elicits some sort of feeling, and with a matching couples tattoo, it can illicit a feeling of belonging, joy, commitment, or something else,” Wright explains.

Some couples might even feel that the act of getting the tattoo will bring them closer together. “A shared experience, such as getting a tattoo together, can bring a couple closer,” Wright says, though she notes that matching tattoos aren’t a cure-all. “Like anything else, depending on what’s going on in the relationship, it may or may not have the effect that the person or people are wanting,” she says. “It all depends on the hope and meaning of it.”

What do matching tattoos represent?

While tattoos’ meanings always come from your personal connection to them, some tattoo artists think matching tattoos have evolved in recent years. “Historically, it was something that was very possessive and territorial, but today I see a lot of friends forging their friendship through tattoo storytelling as a celebration of what they mean to each other,” California tattoo artist Saem Kim tells Glamour.

“Sometimes this is in the form of chains welded to each other, like what you see in jewelry trends, such as a forever bracelet, or letters connecting,” she says. “On the other hand, it can also reflect hardship and bonding that moment onto your body.”

What should I consider before getting a matching tattoo?

As for what advice experts have for individuals and couples considering matching tattoos? Be sure to ask yourself a few questions. What if, in a few years, this relationship winds up not being what it is now—how will you feel about seeing this on your body? “What is your ‘why’ for getting this tattoo? Why this tattoo together? What does this mean to you?” Wright asks. And of course, do you have any questions for your partner(s) before you do this together?

If you’ve answered all of the above and are eagerly seeking a permanent way to celebrate that one-of-a-kind love, you’ve come to the right place. From classic designs like flowers and puzzle pieces to whimsical ink like wine bottles and pizza slices, there’s a matching couples tattoo for everyone (and their other half).

Ahead, see some of the best couple tattoos that will make you and your partner smile every time.

1. Always and Forever

Simple and to the point, this gorgeous scripted tattoo says what you’re thinking every time you gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes and remember why you decided to commit to the future together.

2. Mismatched Tattoos

Cute and cheeky, this smiley face and “OK” are a playful way to capture the joy of spending time together. This is one of those matching tattoos for couples that looks good in simple black and also a range of colors. These are placed on the same finger for each partner. Experiment and have fun with it—that’s what couple finger tattoos are all about.

3. The One True Love

Who doesn’t love an adorable bunny? And who knew carrots could look so good? For those looking for cute couple tattoos, we’ve found your answer.

4. Soulmates

If being literal is more your thing, this impeccably executed “soulmate” letter tattoo is definitely worth exploring. For a minimalist look, opt for black or a steely gray that will pop against the skin.

5. L-O-V-E

Love is truly one of the most powerful, unifying forces. Like two halves of a heart, this tattoo will serve as a reminder of what brings you together every day.

6. Send Noods

Love ramen like you love each other? Maybe it was your first-date meal or the one you go back to time and time again for comfort. Getting these delicious bowls inked on will be a delicious feast for heart and eyes.

7. Share Your Culture

If you’re looking for a way to share your culture on a deeper level, then look into a tattoo design that has symbolic significance. Your partner will appreciate learning more about your heritage and being able to share a piece of it.

8. For the Love of the Game

Gamers, rejoice! Whether you two like to battle it on the soccer field or tag-team it on an out-of-this world adventure, this tattoo is the perfect way to celebrate your love for the many pixelated universes out there.

9. Lock & Key

Love couple tattoos that will make any minimalist romantic swoon? This delicate key and lock design are should do the trick.

10. It’s in the Stars

If you have a special place in your heart for Studio Ghibli, these matching Susuwatari unique couple tattoos are such an adorable way to show off your romantic side. Each dancing figure holds half of a star—cue the puppy eyes.

11. Let Your Fandom Inspire You

Another anime-inspired tattoo for the OG Dragonball Z fans.

12. A Sea of Love

There are many moving parts to this ship called love. Memorialize it with a matching anchor and wheel set—one steers, while the other anchors to destination bliss. You can decide who gets which, although we know it’s really a tag team effort.

13. You Are My Sunshine

Some might describe their partner as a light in their life, as nourishing and invigorating as the sun above. The thing about matching couple tattoos is that they don’t have to match exactly—maybe you opt for slightly different designs or placement, like this groovy pair above.

14. For the Slytherins

A set of snakes to capture how entwined you are with each other.

15. Guiding Star

This is another charming set that is simple yet poetic—let the love you share with one another lead you like a compass or guiding star.

16. My Other Half

Obviously, not all love is romantic. Matching tattoos are also a great way to share your bond with your mother, siblings, and dear friends. These tiny avocado tattoos are great for big-time foodies.

17. A Classic

No frills yet very romantic—these matching outlined hearts are simply divine for those who prefer simple couple tattoos.

18. Couple Tattoos for a King and Queen

For those who rule the hearts of their beloved, check out these tattoos, which are fit for royalty.

19. When Life Gives You…

If you’ve done the traditional love symbols and want to cover them up with something a little more unique to avoid removing your tattoos, this sweet (yet sour) style is for you. When life gives you lemons, and a partner you love, make lemonade…and get a tattoo.

20. Full Circle

For a fun twist on the couple tattoo, explore varying sizes that could “fit” into one another. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to show off how enamored you two are.

21. Sweet Like Cherries

These juicy cherries are such a great way to play with color while keeping it romantic and sweet. You could each go for a single cherry to make a pair or double up.

22. You Give Me Butterflies

Butterflies can represent rebirth and transformation, so they make a powerful symbol for the impact a strong relationship can have on us. Keep it simple with an outlined set or go for detail with added color.

23. Pizza!

Who doesn’t love pizza? If we’re being honest, we might love it more than humans…. Share the amor with these matching cuties.

24. My Cup of Tea

When you’re in love, it’s fair to say your partner is your cup of tea. Add some smiley faces to increase adorable levels by 1,000%.

25. Simple and Sweet

This is a cool twist on the butterfly tattoo. Butterflies landing on top of gorgeous flowers is the picture of serenity and rest. Splitting up the two between you and your partner can be an extremely poetic piece.

26. A Matching Set

Love royalty but prefer not to go down the route of The Crown? Check out these playing-card-inspired matching tattoos that are discreet but speak volumes.

27. Opposites Attract

Let’s be real—sometimes you and your partner can feel like day and night. It’s not always a bad thing, though. Who wants to date a mirror copy of themselves? Celebrate the differences that bring you together with complementary tattoos like this moon and sun pair.

28. Something Cosmic

Alternatively, if you both want the sun and the moon, simply opt for matching cosmic ink and swap the order to artistically embrace your differences.

29. Out of This World

This super-cool astronaut connects to a moon. Out of this world, like you two lovebirds.

30. Simple Letters

This ultrachic minimal tattoo is reminiscent of the charm necklace you’ve come to expect on holidays and anniversaries. Except you two won’t have to ever take this one off.

31. Sunrise Over the Mountains

Minimalist couple tattoos can still be about big feelings. Being in love is like entering a universe where everything is new, exciting, and ready for exploration, much the way the sun sheds light on the natural beauty of a mountain range.

32. A New Tradition

Rings are a cute spin on the tradition for wanting married couple tattoos. Go for ornate designs or a classic band.

33. It’s Science

If you two feel your love at a subatomic level, check out this identical pair.

34. Can I Have This Dance?

Okay, seriously, look at how cute these dancing kittens are. If you’re not getting these to represent a mutual obsession with the furry little animals, then get it for the little ball of joy they’ll bring every time you glance down.

35. Drinks Are on Me

Maybe you both enjoy a martini or neither of you can contain your enthusiasm for a good SATC reference. Either is perfectly fine and deserves a tat.

36. We Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Finish each other’s sentences with this sweet split “love” style.

37. In Paradise

Does every day feel like paradise with your partner? Make it official with some palm tree ink.

38. Luck of the Irish

This small couple tattoo idea is perfect for showing your partner for how lucky you feel to have met them and have them in your life.

39. Tic-Tac-Toe

His and hers tattoos don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can be a game in progress, like this unique style in the form of tic-tac-toe.

40. Making Waves

Marriage and long-term relationships can feel monotonous and long, but that doesn’t mean they’re without love or beauty. Think of the ocean: Waves come and go and come and go, but we’re never not amazed when looking at the horizon.

41. (Wine) Lovers

Whether you married a sommelier or just both really love wine, this wine and wine glass make the perfect pairing (perhaps with a plate of cheese).

42. Roman Numerals

Honor your most meaningful date, whether that’s your significant other’s birth date, the date you met, or your wedding anniversary.

43. Make a Wish

If you and your other half equally love numerology or making a wish when the clock strikes 11:11, this tattoo is for you.

44. Perfect Fit

Literal tattoos deserve love too. Puzzle piece ink is a charming way to say that you and your hubby go perfectly together.

45. You Make Me Smile

This is another small couple tattoo idea that’s so minimal and discrete, yet simultaneously good, that there’s almost no excuse not to get it.

46. Lightning Bolts

Does your spark feel like lightning in a bottle? Matching lightning bolts should do the trick.

47. The Game of Love

Whether you had your first date at an arcade or have a silly sense of video-game-inspired humor, this Pacman tattoo is sure to be a conversation starter.

48. Cosmic Cuties

Is there life on Mars? We may never know, but we do know this alien-inspired aesthetic is so funny and cute.

49. Patterned Seashells

For another “matching tattoo” that’s not exactly matching, consider seashells with slightly different patterns on each.

50. Forever and Ever…and Then Some

No symbol is more strongly associated with long-lasting and enduring love than the infinity sign, which can be inked as large or as minimalist as you and your partner like.

51. You Are My Anchor

Does your partner’s love keep you feeling steady? Tell the world with matching anchor ink.

52. Paper Planes

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship, live together, or somewhere in between, you’ve surely traveled far and wide to find “the one.” Symbolize this distance with a sweet tattoo and show your partner just how “fly” they really are.

53. 2 + 2

Matching “to” is a sweet and subtle way to symbolize the the two of you, together, forever.

54. Hand-Drawn Hearts

Heart tattoos don’t have to be boring, nor do they always have to look the same. Elevate yours with varying patterns and shade fills.

55. Wedding Bands

While some people opt to wear physical rings, tattoo lovers might want to consider a symbolic union sealed with ink.

56. Make a Wish(bone)

Everyday’s a dream come true when you’re with your other half. But for all those other wishes you want to be granted…consider some wishbone ink to get the job(s) done.

57. Love Lockets

Matching love-locket line tattoos are classic and romantic without feeling cheesy.

58. To Infinity…

Whether you love Toy Story or want to show your partner how much you love them (which is to say, the limit does not exist), you can’t go wrong with this sweet and whimsical style.

59. Music Lovers

Matching musical notes are ideal ink for music lovers, singers, or musicians. Or even karaoke enthusiasts.

60. Yeehaw Partners

Life is a rodeo, so hats off on finding your partner along the way. Yeehaw your way to happily ever after with matching cowboy hat tattoos.

61. Disco Balls

Every day’s a party when you're in love. Celebrate accordingly with matching disco balls.

62. Cheers!

Clink glasses with your other half no matter the time or where you are.

63. (Literal) Heart on Your Sleeve

Perfect for realists and the literal-minded, matching anatomically correct hearts allow you to wear your literal hearts on your sleeves (or wherever else you’d like) 24/7.

64. Paper Cranes

In Japan paper cranes symbolize hope and peace, and serve as protection. Considering that, you can’t really go wrong with the design.

65. I Love You a Latte

Coffee lovers, unite! This unique blend of tattoos is brewing with romantic possibilities.

66. Barista Blend

Alternatively, one of you might be more of the coffee maker while the other is a drinker. In that case, consider this sweet take on brewed ink.

67. Evil Eye (Love You)

Protect your partner and your relationship with a meaningful evil eye motif.

68. Martini Mates

Whether you prefer your martinis dirty or neat, matching martinis is the perfect way to say “Olive” you.

69. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Are you the peanut butter to their jelly, or vice versa? Either way, one thing’s for sure: You belong together.

70. Cat Tats

Cat tattoos are the purr-fect way to tell your partner you care. Or show how much you both love your cats.

71. Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are symbolic of new love..and wishes coming true. Need I say more?

72. (Y)our Song

Memorialize your song with a tattoo of your favorite measure. Now you’ll forever live in harmony.

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