60-year-old purse found in floorboards of old Texas school. Few clues point to owner

Clear Creek Independent School District video

The renovation of a former school in Texas uncovered what school district officials are calling a “memento stuck in time.”

The Clear Creek Independent School District is now searching for Beverly Williams — or her family members — after the woman’s purse dating back to the 1950s was found in the floorboards of what is now the League City Community Center.

Armando Rodriguez, who school district officials said made the discovery, called the purse the “only thing worth saving” in a pile of mess in the floorboards.

“I didn’t want to go through it too much because it looked old and I didn’t want it to fall apart, said Rodriguez, a remodeling contractor. “I wanted to turn it in and let someone else handle it.”

Inside the purse were belongings that have remained intact since 1959, including photographs of Beverly’s family and friends, and one of herself when she was 9 months old in 1946, according to Richard Lewis, the vice president of the League City Historical Society.

The purse also contained diary entries, in which Williams wrote about her personal life, Lewis said.

Officials know some details about her through the items in the purse. She was the youngest of four sisters and her father’s name was Frank Williams, but school district officials could not find her in their old yearbooks.

“How can a crack in the floorboards be wide enough for a whole purse to go down in there and get completely lost and never discovered yet?” Lewis said in a video by the school district.

Beverly Williams is believed to be 76 years old. The Clear Creek Independent School District has asked anyone who may know her or her family members to contact them at 281-284-0000.

“I would love to have memories of my parents when they were in school, so that’s why I had to turn it in right away. They have to find these people,” Rodriguez said.

League City is about 25 miles southeast of Houston.

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