6 TikTok creators to follow in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility (and because we love their content)

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March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to not only raise awareness about the prevalence of trans discrimination but also to honor the many trans and nonbinary people who have made positive contributions to society.

In that spirit, we’re highlighting six transgender TikTok creators who are openly sharing the realities of the trans experience and breaking down barriers as we speak.

Dylan Mulvaney, 10.8 million followers

Mulvaney is a trans Broadway actress, comedian and content creator perhaps best known for her upbeat personality and wildly popular viral series, “Days of Girlhood.” The TikTok series, which first kicked off in March 2022, has documented Mulvaney’s transition journey for more than a year now, opening millions of hearts and minds along the way. But the TikToker has even bigger dreams for the future — namely, bringing trans and nonbinary stories to the stage and screen.

NaomiHearts, 1 million followers

Naomi is a proud trans Latina who has made it her mission to encourage others to love the bodies they’re in — no matter the size. As a lifestyle influencer, Naomi is all about promoting positive vibes and self-love on her account by highlighting plus-size fashion, makeup and body acceptance. She also manages to reach a broad audience by creating inclusive content in both Spanish and English.

Zaya Perysian, 4.5 million followers

When it comes to de-stigmatizing the lives of Black trans women, Zaya Perysian is putting in the work (and then some). The influencer has openly documented her own transition process on TikTok, where she discusses both her struggles and her victories, and frequently creates educational videos to break down some of the common misconceptions about the fight for transgender rights.

Emira D’Spain, 1.2 million followers

D’Spain is a Black transgender model and TikTok personality who frequently creates comical “Get-Ready-With-Me” (#GRWM) makeup videos for her followers. Originally from Dubai, she now lives in Dallas, Texas, where she films beauty- and fashion-related TikToks with an authentic point of view. At the same time, she’s also breaking barriers off of TikTok, too: Recently, D’Spain became the first Black transgender model to work with Victoria’s Secret.

Alex Renee, 7.6 million followers

Alex is an LGBTQ content creator who first made a name for themselves on TikTok by creating popular “POV” videos. Now, they’re perhaps best known for their viralmasculine to feminine” transition videos. When they’re not entertaining their TikTok fans, Alex runs a jewelry business, makes music on the side and often sells paintings made by their sister to raise awareness and money for cytomegalovirus (CMV). Most recently, the TikToker also launched a gender-fluid makeup line called Aryworld.

Ve’ondre Mitchell, 6.6 million followers

As a Black Latinx trans woman, Mitchell knows what it’s like to feel misunderstood for who you are. But despite the obstacles she’s faced, Mitchell has fought hard to get to where she is today — a place of confidence, pride and acceptance. She now uses her growing platform to educate and bring awareness to a variety of trans issues, all while being unapologetically herself.

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