6 Mouthwateringly Affordable Meals That Each Cost A Fiver Or Less

These Fiver Feasts will leave both you and you bank balance feeling nice and full. (Photo: Tasty UK)
These Fiver Feasts will leave both you and you bank balance feeling nice and full. (Photo: Tasty UK)

These Fiver Feasts will leave both you and you bank balance feeling nice and full. (Photo: Tasty UK)

We’re all looking for ways to save on the basics right now – and food is no exception. It’s been a year of watching grocery prices rise (and rise), but as we head into winter, we’re keen to keep ourselves full and fuelled on colder days.

Think you can’t make a decent meal for £5? Well, our good friends at Tasty UK are here to set that right.

The team have been working with a range of in-house and YouTube chefs to show you just how it’s done with their brilliant ‘Fiver Feast’ Insta series.

These super simple video recipes will take you through all the ingredients you need, with some top tips on how to keep the cost down and maximise on flavour – because budget shouldn’t have to mean bland or boring.

The only question is which of these beauties you’ll be tucking into first...

A bank-friendly bite of Bánh mì 

Vietnamese sandwiches for four people for under £5? Yes, please. The traditional baguette-based dish is totally doable at home with a money and environment saving swap of meat for luscious aubergine, and an all important dollop of tahini. Let Amy from Tasty show you the way.

Pizza for less than a pound!

You can thank YouTube chef Lirim Gula for this feast. You’ll need a little time to allow this wonder dough to prove. What you won’t need is loads of cash – as these pizzas come in at just 98p each. Even Rishi didn’t sort us a deal that good. And you don’t have to eat out for this one. It’s a fully DIY affair.

Beer Can Chicken on a budget

Lirim Gula is back with this meaty classic – showing that mouth-watering chicken is actually possible on the cheap. The secret to this one is back-cupboard seasoning – and rubbing it into “each and every crevice”, Lirim says. Watch on for the full recipe, which even serves you up spuds.

Two pasta sauces for under a fiver!

Who says you can’t have a bit of choice in these testing times? Tasty Amy is here to give you just that with a gorgeously aromatic pile of veggies. The best free ingredient of all – pasta water – is the key to making this duo of colourful, silky sauces that’ll keep nicely in the fridge for just when you need them.

A brunch you won’t feel bad about

We’re made to think that brunch is off limits when the pennies are pinching but Lirim Gula has a recipe that will totally satisfy your egg-based cravings, and, yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s under a fiver, too. This one-pan wonder will start your weekend just right and feeds up to six people. Bacon very much included!

Dessert that doesn’t break the bank 

Pudding shouldn’t feel like a luxury – this fruit-filled delight is bursting with flavour and totally within budget if you make it right. Just follow the simple steps below. What’s more, this clever, caremelised delight comes in at just £4.31.

And finally

Check out Lirim Gula’s trip to the reduced section of his local supermarket to find the best deals – and a totally inspired Blue Cheese Piri Piri Chicken feast.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost UK and has been updated.