6 kid-approved Hanukkah recipes (beyond potato latkes!)

little girl holding plate of treats - kid-friendly hanukkah recipes

I absolutely love Hanukkah, especially when I’m in the kitchen with my family whipping up some kid-friendly Hanukkah recipes. Along with frying sufganiyot, those beloved jelly-filled donuts, our holiday is filled with family gatherings—and nothing beats watching my kids eagerly swap presents with their cousins. To pass on Hanukkah’s significance to my kids, I try to get everyone involved in our festivities. We love reading Hanukkah books, but there’s something special about having the kids actively participate to bring traditions to life.

Once I became a mom, I found myself shouldering the responsibility of keeping the holiday spirit alive. That meant decorating the house, playing calendar manager, and of course, cooking up some Hanukkah recipes. Like many kids, mine are all about being in the kitchen—for the eating, of course, but they’re always eager to lend a hand too. I didn’t want to be a lone chef this Hanukkah, so I recruited the kids to join me in making some festive Hanukkah foods. These recipes not only scream Hanukkah but are simple enough for little hands to handle.

Take a peek at these 6 kid-approved Hanukkah recipes that have received the stamp of approval from my little ones.

6 kid-approved Hanukkah recipes to make together

Baked donuts

While fried donuts are undeniably delicious, the frying process isn’t always kid-friendly. Celebrate Hanukkah with these delicious baked donuts that kids can easily participate in—from mixing the batter, to filling up the donut molds, or keeping an eye on the oven timer. The flavoring possibilities are endless; you can add frosting, a cinnamon-sugar crumble, or even dip them in melted chocolate!

Star of David pretzels

These chocolate-covered pretzels are not just delicious; kids absolutely adore them because they’re interactive and allow them to “build” their own treats. With minimal ingredients that you likely have in your pantry—pretzels, chocolate chips, and sprinkles (bonus if they’re blue and white!)—your kids will be begging for more kid-friendly Hanukkah recipes.

Veggie menorah snack

Alright, this veggie menorah recipe is ridiculously easy but also a genius way to engage your picky veggie eater. For older kids, let them slice celery into sticks and carrots into coins. For younger kiddos, leave the slicing to the parents. Encourage your kids to have fun arranging them into a menorah shape! When they’re ready to dig in, add some dip to the mix like ranch dressing, hummus or peanut butter to complement their edible menorah creations.

Hanukkah shortbread cookies

These easy-to-make Hanukkah shortbread cookies are perfect for dreidel cookie molds to bake dreidel-shaped treats. Get the kids involved by having them measure ingredients, mold the dough, or add their creative touch with blue and white icing.

Homemade Hanukkah gelt

The hardest part of this homemade Hanukkah gelt recipe is waiting for the chocolate to set. The recipe calls for edible gold glitter—but try crushing up corn Chex or corn flakes for that golden gelt appearance instead. Kids will go gaga over the added crunch!

Mac and cheese latkes

Out of all the kid-friendly Hanukkah recipes, this one will definitely catch your kids’ attention. Whip up a fresh batch of macaroni and cheese or make use of leftovers that have been chilling in your fridge. If you’re running short on time, grab a trusty box of mac and cheese from the pantry. These mac and cheese latkes can be fried up or baked in the oven and kids can get involved too. Let those little hands mix or shape the patties or shred the cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on a box grater.