The 6 Best Gifts To Buy in Bulk at Costco

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If you have a long list of people to give gifts to this year, consider buying bulk gifts at Costco that will make multiple people on your to-buy-for list happy. Not only is this a convenient way to shop, but it can also often save you money.

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Here are some ideas for gifts to buy in bulk at Costco.


Video Game Gift Card Packs

"Roblox is very popular with kids of all ages right now, and four-packs of $25 Roblox "Robux" gift cards are 10% off face value at Costco," said Marie Clark, founder of CostContessa. "These bulk packs not only make great holiday gifts for gamers of all ages, but any extras can serve as incentives/rewards for kids or keep-on-hand birthday gifts for the future."

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Frozen Meat Bulk Packs

If you have foodies on your gift list, consider buying them meat or seafood in bulk.

"Most people will be making a number of nice dinners for the holidays, and frozen bulk packs of meat are a great deal at Costco," Clark said. "From king crab to filet mignon to wagyu, there are lots of great gift options."

For example, an eight-count of USDA Prime steaks can be ordered online at and ships frozen for $129, including shipping.

"Those who have a Costco Business Center nearby can snag it for $99 in-store," Clark noted. "Pro tip: All Costco members can shop in-store at Costco Business Center warehouses. Costco Business Centers offer many additional options for bulk meat, including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood and more. To find out if there is a Costco Business Center near you, take a look at the Costco location search, enter a zip code and check 'business center' in the filter options."

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Gift Towers

"Gift tower pallets are a great bulk holiday gift option for anyone who hand delivers a high volume of holiday gifts," Clark said. "Multiple holiday-themed gift towers are available in bulk at, such as these pallets of 60 Ghirardelli Gift Towers -- currently on sale for $300 off. These come out to $28 each, including shipping (to one address). Each of these Ghirardelli towers has five decorative boxes with 10 different sweet treats, so there's something for everyone."

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Wines, Spirits and Other Beverages

"The great bulk-buying king has a cult following for its wines and spirits," said Johan Liebert, founder of DazzDeals. "They have high-quality bottles going for less than $20, and prices tend to reduce in bulk. The store contains a diverse selection of vintages from award-winning wineries, but their budget Kirkland brand should not be overlooked as well."

Stock up on wine and other beverages in bulk to bring along as hostess gifts to any holiday party on your agenda.

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Knock multiple kiddos off your Christmas gift lift by buying toys in bulk at Costco.

"You can currently find Play-Doh multipacks online in select zip codes for seriously cheap," said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "I found four packages of 50-cans each for $45 -- that's 200 cans of Play-Doh -- which comes out to 23 cents per can. You can easily break these down into four major gifts that kids will love, or even break them down further to serve as things like smaller gifts for stockings or Hanukkah celebrations."

Additionally, look for things like special editions of board games, Ramhold said.

"We saw a 2-in-1 Monopoly and Clue vintage wooden set for $53, which is something any board game aficionado would appreciate," she said. "Even better, it qualifies for the 'buy more, save more' toys promotion at Costco, where shoppers can purchase three qualifying items to save $10 overall or five-plus items to save $25 overall."

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Google Nest Minis

"If you know someone who's interested in a smart speaker, the Nest Mini by Google is a good entry-level device for them to see if they like it," Ramhold said. "Costco has two-packs for around $45, which is $5 cheaper than if you were to buy two separate from Google itself. As it's a two-pack, they serve as a good gift for one person who may want to have devices in more than one room, but they're also good to split up and gift to separate people. Members are limited to five two-packs, but that still amounts to 10 gifts if you split them up. The only real downside is they only come in two colors -- chalk and charcoal -- so if you want something more colorful, this might not be the package you want to opt for."

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