550HP Purpose-Built Corvette Is Grace Under Pressure

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This 1972 corvette is putting down over 500 horses to the pavement with some of the thickest tires to ever grace the corvette scene.

Every piece of this car has been expertly crafted to serve one purpose: to go fast. This C3 'Vette has got power for days, and it has an approximate hp to weight ratio of .161hp/lbs or 265.16W/Kg, with that kind of weight-to-power ratio, this car is more than just competitive, it’s unstoppable.

The sound of an overpowered engine in a tiny car can be heard throughout the land as this red white and blue stallion races around, quickly darting from side to side almost as if to flaunt its elegant balance between power and agility. Riding a fine line between being fast and being dangerous.

The C3 Corvettes are designed to look the part, and this car takes that to another level, adding fender flares, some FAT tires, and a red white, and blue wrap as well as a lot of BF Goodrich logos and sponsorship. The aforementioned tires are 315’s (front) and 335's (rear) BF Goodrich tires which add a lot of much-needed traction allowing for more control over this powerful beast.

The Corvette started as just another way for American car companies to compete with European sports cars of the time and quickly evolved to become one of the greatest performance vehicles of all time with the C2-C3 corvettes being regarded as the prized possession of any American car enthusiast. It's hard to try and compete with the original however going up against this bad beast is next to impossible with such a light body and so much power if you’re looking at it from the front then you better savor that moment because you won't be seeing it for long.

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