50 Extremely Unfortunate People Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Month Than You

If you just had the absolute worst month, just remember...

1.The person whose truck lost its battle with the beach:

People on a vehicle standing by a car in the sand
u/planetoftheatheists / Via

2.The person who drove into the one place you should never drive into:

Car driven into an auto service bay
u/minnesotasux / Via

3.The person whose mom likes her iPads super toasty:

Cracked tablet screen obstructing view with visible reflection of overhead lighting
u/mrcalmcarrot / Via

4.The person whose humidifier really put a damper on things:

Two people on a TV screen that has a thick vertical line on it, with caption "Putting the humidifier under the TV was a mistake"
u/LUT0 / Via

5.The person who straight-up went William Tell mode on their cellphone:

A person's hand holding a smartphone with a shattered screen pierced by a small spear
u/thetim / Via

6.The person who quite literally laundered their money:

Shredded US dollar bills scattered on a white surface
u/bocceburger / Via

7.The person who is going to be cleaning goop out of their oven until the cows come home:

A pizza in an oven on a plastic tray that has melted through the oven rack
u/bridger810 / Via

8.The person who had a very rational reaction to seeing an insect:

An oven door is open with shattered glass on the floor
u/x313 / Via

9.The person who loves all their pets very much, I'm sure:

Fresh concrete sidewalk with paw prints; labeled "Dog" near large prints and "Cat" by smaller prints
u/foulfaerie / Via

10.The person who straight-up had a Hanna-Barbera cartoon moment while fishin' down at the crick:

A fishing pole hanging from a tree branch above a river with trees in the background
u/professionaldog_425 / Via

11.The person whose patio table simply ceased to exist:

Shattered glass scattered around an upright structure on a brick surface, with a rake nearby
u/q2henema / Via

12.The person who will be using a lint roller on their jeans until the cows come home:

A pair of heavily lint-covered pants on a washing machine
u/melarlo / Via

13.The person who is going to have to play the worst game of bobbing for apples the world has ever seen:

"Whoops" with a paintbrush in a paint can
u/digdilem / Via

14.The person whose dreams were smashed before their eyes:

Overturned pan with spilled brownies on a patterned doormat, near a house door
u/tvinthebackground / Via

15.The person who ordered extra mold on their pizza:

Hand holding slices of pepperoni with visible mold above a pizza pie
u/adamvah / Via

16.The person who learned time's oldest lesson:

Person with a short back and sides haircut that was supposed to be a fade, viewed from the back
u/akopec / Via

17.The person who will handle cumin like radioactive material from now on:

A pair of white high-top sneakers with lots of reddish stains are on a patterned floor next to a door
u/selflessstupidp3rson / Via

18.The person whose package has found its eternal resting place:

Box completely filling a mailbox slot, visible through an open door
u/haddock420 / Via

19.The person who learned that the best mornings start with a huge mess to clean up:

Coffee all over the car seat and the words "Great start to my morning"
u/squishydonkey / Via

20.The person whose dryer got a cool new makeover:

Ink marks on the inside of a dryer and the words "pen + dryer ="
u/RhOnDuh3 / Via

21.The person who pretty much got stuck like a character in The Sims:

A bicycle is stuck sideways between a fence and a wooden railing on a long, narrow porch
u/hyperius999 / Via

22.The person who was betrayed by the pancake they loved the most:

A close-up of a beige sofa with pillows and blueberry pieces/stains all over it
u/catlay_6 / Via

23.The person who just needs a break:

Hand holding a grilled cheese sandwich showing a slice of American cheese still in the plastic, with a bite taken out
u/clo_ut / Via

24.The person who left a trail of berry:

Carpeted floor with circled blackberry stains on it after person stepped on a berry
u/samurigimli / Via

25.The person whose rear end is now accepting thoughts and prayers:

Hand holding a square of very thin toilet paper with the fingers of the hand holding it visible through it
u/thefrem / Via

26.The person who got a little extra value in their lunch today:

Cooked pasta in a container with a wormy insect visible
u/coreytreverson1 / Via

27.The person whose plant is laughing at them from the Great Beyond:

Overturned plant pot with soil spilled inside a laundry basket and on clothes and the floor

RIP, plant.

u/oxonia / Via

28.The person who was voted "Most Likely to Have to Get a Ring Surgically Removed":

Close-up of a hand with a finger wearing a class ring with a large blue stone that looks very tight, with caption "So, my class ring is stuck"
u/Heyo-Mayo91 / Via

29.The person who was betrayed by the french fries they loved the most:

Kitchen after a fire with extensive damage to cabinets and walls; burnt cookware on the stove, with caption: "I forgot I was heating frying oil"
u/fasada68 / Via

30.The person whose ring is lost to the crevices of their bathroom:

Bottle of hand soap on a bathroom sink counter next to a wall, with arrow pointing to gap between wall and sink, with caption, "My ring is stuck right here"
u/neddin / Via

31.The person whose shoes just got a fresh new dye job:

Overturned cart with spilled red wine on a garage floor, next to a person's foot wearing a stained sneaker, with caption: "Not only did I drop a bottle of wine, I spilled it over my new white shoes"
u/--The_Cheshire_Cat-- / Via

32.The person who is about to eat Schrödinger's chips:

An upside-down open bag of chips on a patterned carpet with a few chips visible at the bottom and caption, "Why"
u/Time-Butterfly-5956 / Via

33.The person whose basement is now an in-ground pool:

A flooded basement with furniture partially submerged in water with caption, "Someone left the garden hose on"
u/eldensage / Via

34.The person who gave their baby the most beautiful name:

Birth certificate issued with the name Korn, parents express surprise and humor online

35.The person who got a little extra iron in their nutritious serving of hot dogs:

Hand holding a package of mini smoked wieners containing a thick bolt with caption "There's a BOLT in my little hot dogs"
u/supercrispcurrency / Via

36.The person who got a little extra cronch with their water:

Person holding an empty stainless steel water bottle with a small indentation at the bottom and small, dark dots at the bottom, with caption, "The water bottle I've been drinking from all week apparently had a bunch of ants in it"
u/maaalicelaaamb / Via

37.The person whose stairs will smell of beef for the rest of all time:

Overturned food container with spilled meal on carpeted step with caption, "There go my leftovers"
u/legendaryphoenixpet / Via

38.The person who was lucky enough to find a friendly little worm in their fruit:

Liquid with some peach slices and a white squiggly object in a cup, with caption, "Found a worm in my can of peaches after I almost finished it"
u/DontDrinkAcetone / Via

39.The person who might want to turn the volume down:

Close-up of a person's ear with an earbud deep inside, with caption "My headphone is stuck in my ear"
u/hubchie / Via

40.The person who got a fun souvenir from the dentist:

Person showing a piece of a tooth on a surface, with caption "My root canal filling fell out"
u/katycrush / Via

41.The person who just got conked on the head by nature's wrath:

Person holds three large hailstones in their hand with a grassy area and pathway in the background
u/tnally91 / Via

42.The person whose car is about to be very, very sticky:

A car interior with soda spattered all over the front seat, driver's side, steering wheel, and door
u/courtroombrown15 / Via

43.The person whose house will, at the very least, ward off any and all vampires for the foreseeable future:

A jar of spilled minced garlic on the floor beside an open microwave door
u/savemeclarence / Via

44.The person who almost got caught by a fish beyond the grave:

A small hook alongside pieces of fish on a white plate
u/mistahs / Via

45.The person whose dinner is about to make everyone in a three-block radius sneeze:

Pot on stove with tomato sauce and meatballs with a massive amount of black pepper on top
u/f1ftyp3nc3 / Via

46.The person who spilled an absolutely comical amount of paper shreddings:

A shredded paper mess on the floor with an overturned shredder and a glimpse of a pet cat
u/x-azure-x / Via

47.The person whose garlic bread just solved the Lament Configuration:

A kitchen oven with an open door, revealing flames engulfing garlic bread inside
u/figlit007 / Via

48.The person whose record just got extra wavy:

A hand holding a damaged, partially melted LP record that was left on a stove
u/spunkyspacecat / Via

49.The person whose headphones look positively delicious:

A hand holding a partially opened earbuds container with sweet-and-sour sauce spilled all over them


u/[deleted] / Via

50.And the person whose sign went more ignored than any sign has ever been ignored:

Sign in a fridge next to a plastic container top missing the bottom that reads, "DO NOT TAKE FOOD FROM THE FRIDGE THAT IS LABELLED WITH SOMEONE ELSES NAME AND NOT YOURS" with caption "Yep, my food got stolen"

Hate to see it, folks. You really do.

u/smeggleypeg / Via