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Taylor Swift, ‘Reputation’ (Nov. 10)

When Taylor releases an album, it’s big news — something you’ve likely already noticed by the mere release of the first single from the album, the Kanye-and-Kim dis track “Look at What You Made Me Do.” With the single and its video already setting records, you can bet the Reputation will top the chart, even if the “old Taylor is dead.”

The 50 most anticipated albums for fall 2017

Craig Rosen

In the not-too-distant past, fall wasn’t only for back to school — it was also the time when all the record companies readied their major releases with the hopes that they would land on the charts and on consumers’ holiday shopping lists. Of course, the advent of streaming services has changed the music business dramatically in recent years, but as a wise man recently said, streaming is for the rest of the year; the holidays are when physical products sell — or so the record companies hope.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of fall 2017’s most anticipated albums. But stay on your toes — this is the era of surprise releases, so your favorite artist might just drop any album out of nowhere.