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7 tech gadgets and accessories you will actually use every day while working from home

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Working remotely is now the new normal for many members of today's workforce. Whether permanent or temporary, work-from-home practices are still a thing of the present, and folks are actively looking for ways to make this new routine a bit easier and more productive.

In this article, you'll get a rundown of the seven best work-from-home gadgets and accessories you can buy to keep you on point and organized at all times.

From a compact and portable wireless Bluetooth keyboard and a slim adapter with all the ports you'll need to a clip-on ring light and a 4K webcam that automatically keeps you well lit for Zoom calls, we've covered everything you could possibly need (and will actually use).

Check out each product in more detail below.

1. Logitech Master Series MX Keys Mini, $99.99

Credit: Logitech
Credit: Logitech

$99.99 at Amazon$99.99 at Logitech

Being confined to a company laptop is extremely restricting for many. Because of this, most folks choose to invest in an external Bluetooth keyboard. This helps keep the screen further away from your face to lessen any eye strain. If you also use an external monitor, it’s the perfect solution to give you that comfortable dual-screen productivity.

The new Logitech MX Keys Mini is one of the tech brand’s newest releases and features all of the top features from its best-selling MX Keys Wireless Keyboard for Mac, but in a much smaller and more compact package. This new release comes in four colors, works with both PC and Mac computers and lasts up to five months on one full charge with the backlighting turned off.

Switch between three different devices with the toggle function and, due to its light, minimal build, you can take it with you anywhere you go without worrying about any major bulk.

2. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse, $99.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$99.99 at Amazon$99.99 at Logitech

Logitech doesn't only dominate when it comes to Bluetooth wireless keyboards. If you're looking for an affordable premium wireless mouse that won't strain your hands after extensive use, the brand's MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse is the perfect pick.

Using a standard flat-top mouse like the popular Apple Magic Mouse can cause hand strain after hours of use. Because of this, ergonomic computer mice are most folks' go-to pick and this one from Logitech is one of the best you can buy.

In addition to its thoughtfully crafted ergonomic shape, it's completely wireless, features hyper-fast scrolling and glides smoothly on any surface — so no mouse pad necessary! It works with both PC and Mac computers and comes in two colors (graphite and mid grey).

3. Nulaxy Laptop Stand, $24.99 (Orig. $26.99)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$24.99 $28.99 at Amazon

You may not think you need a laptop riser/stand until you actually get one and see how game-changing it actually is. When not elevated, your laptop isn't at eye level, forcing you to look down for hours on end. This eventually leads to neck and back strain that's hard to fix over time. A laptop riser perfectly places your computer at eye level to prevent this from happening.

While there are tons of options available, not all laptop stands and risers are created equal. Most are flimsy and lack the sturdiness and durability you need for extensive use. This one from Nulaxy is sleek, minimal and extremely durable. It also has an ergonomic design that perfectly positions your laptop to alight with your head to prevent neck and back strain.

With an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating and over 26,000 reviews, this is definitely the one to buy.

4. Video Conference Monitor Clip-On USB-Powered Lighting Kit, $16.99 (Orig. $26.99)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

$16.99 $26.99 at Amazon

Ring light sales skyrocketed when offices instated work-from-home mandates across the country. That demand is still there, and more folks are now trying to find smaller options that won’t take up as much space in their apartments or home offices.

Because of this, this clip-on option is going viral for all the right reasons. It boasts all of the classic features of a traditional ring light (adjustable warmth and brightness, etc.), but comes in a compact and portable design that easily attaches and detaches from your computer monitor.

To turn it on, simply plug the USB power cord into your computer. When you finish, unplug it, unclip it from your monitor and stow it away in your desk drawer.

Right now, this already affordable “Amazon’s Choice” device is on sale for $17.

5. Satechi Pro Hub Mini, $59.99 (Orig. $69.99)

Credit: Satechi
Credit: Satechi

$59.99 $69.99 at Amazon$69.99 at Satechi

One of the few setbacks to working from home is running out of outlets and connectivity ports for your devices. Whether you need extra USB-A or USB-C ports to connect your ring light or an audio jack for your wired headphones, having an adapter on-hand is a must.

The Satechi Pro Hub Mini is my favorite adapter since it has everything you could need without being bulky or an eyesore. This sleek and thin adapter looks like a single thin metal sheet and plugs right into your laptop's two USB-C ports. Once plugged in, it's connected and ready to go.

This best-selling adapter, currently on sale for $60 on Amazon, offers all the ports you need, including two USB-A 3.0 data ports, two USB-C data ports, an ethernet port and a 3.5mm audio jack.

6. Logitech Brio Ultra 4K HD Webcam, $129.99 (Orig. $199.99)

Credit: Logitech
Credit: Logitech

$129.99 $199.99 at Amazon$199.99 at Logitech

We're currently in a time where video meetings hold priority over in-person meetings, so it's best to invest in a quality video conferencing webcam. Today, there are so many options that are sleek, intuitive and have everything you need in one.

I've found that the Logitech Brio Ultra 4K HD Webcam is the best of the best since it streams a crystal-clear picture with high-quality resolution. It also keeps you perfectly lit (even in low light) and has controls that let you customize your picture to your liking.

Currently Logitech's best and most advanced webcam, the Logitech Brio has Rightlight 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology that automatically adjusts to help you look professional and well-lit in any lighting environment. Also, when you download the Logi Tune app, you can adjust the camera's zoom, clarity, smoothness, frame rate, color, detail and so much more.

If you want to take your video calls in a busy space or live with others and need a bit of audio privacy and clarity, the Logitech Brio Ultra 4K HD Webcam works seamlessly with the brand's Zone True Wireless Earbuds, which have a built-in noise-canceling mic — a total game changer!

5. Satechi 2-In-1 Headphone Stand With Wireless Charger, $79.99

Credit: Satechi
Credit: Satechi

$79.99 at Amazon$79.99 at Satechi

Last up is this two-in-one gadget and desktop accessory that's more necessary than you may think. If you're always running out of battery life on your phone and need the perfect place to store your headphones, the recently released Satechi 2-in-1 Headphone Stand With Wireless Charger is a no-brainer.

Whether you use headphones for work or leisure, this stainless steel stand will come in handy. It displays them perfectly and securely thanks to its padded grips for easy access; plus, right below is a convenient wireless fast-charging pad. Place your phone, earbuds or any Qi-enabled device to charge quickly and safely in minutes.

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