5 Nunavut seats acclaimed as territory looks to Oct. 25 election

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Campaign posters are already up at the major intersections in Iqaluit, with only one month to go before the Oct. 25 Nunavut election. (Matisse Harvey/Radio-Canada - image credit)
Campaign posters are already up at the major intersections in Iqaluit, with only one month to go before the Oct. 25 Nunavut election. (Matisse Harvey/Radio-Canada - image credit)

Voters in five of Nunavut's 22 ridings won't be heading to the polls in the territory's general election on Oct. 25.

That's because incumbents in those five ridings were acclaimed by Elections Nunavut, as the deadline for candidacy declarations passed on Friday afternoon.

Pangnirtung MLA Margaret Nakashuk, South Baffin MLA David Joanasie, Tununiq MLA David Akeeagok, all ministers in the previous territorial government, were acclaimed alongside Arviat North-Chesterfield Inlet MLA John Main.

Joe Savikataaq, until recently the premier of Nunavut, also saw his seat of Arviat South acclaimed Sept. 24.

Fifty-eight Nunavut residents filed declarations of candidacy in total, down from 72 in the 2017 election.

Fourteen of the 2021 candidates are women.

Among the candidates is a longtime political figure, Tagak Curley, who is running in Rankin Inlet South.

In 1971, Curley was a founding member and the first president of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (Inuit Tapirisat of Canada). He then served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories from 1979 to 1987.

Curley was acclaimed for the Nunavut riding of Rankin Inlet North in the 2004 general election, where he remained as MLA until 2013.

Curley also served as health minister in the Nunavut government

Now, he's running against Lorne Kusugak, who has served recently as the territory's health minister, and Bobby Oolooyuk.

Campaigning starts in Nunavut's capital

Campaigning on social media and door-to-door has already gotten underway in Iqaluit — where all four ridings are contested.

Posters have been put up in busy intersections, where some candidates — including incumbent Iqaluit-Manirajak MLA Adam Arreak Lightstone — have been personally handing out campaign brochures to morning commuters.

In Cambridge Bay, Nunavut's western hub, three candidates are running to become the next MLA: incumbent Jeannie Ehaloak, Pamela Gross, who resigned recently as mayor to run for MLA, and Peter Ohokak.

Nunavut-wide issues likely to be discussed during the campaign include the need for more and better housing, infrastructure, elder care and increased public safety.

Here's a riding-by-riding look at the Nunavut candidates:


  • Methusalah Kunuk

  • Joanna Quassa


  • Helena Malliki

  • Solomon Malliki

  • Lucassie Padlayat Nakoolak

  • Johnny Ningeongan

  • Patterk Netser (incumbent)


  • Solomon Allurut

  • Joelie Kaernerk (incumbent)

Arviat North

  • John Main: Acclaimed

Arviat South

  • Joe Savikataaq: Acclaimed

Baker Lake

  • Elijah Amarook

  • Daniel Piryuaq

  • Craig Atangalaaq Simailak (incumbent)

Cambridge Bay

  • Pamela Hakongak Gross

  • Jeannie Hakongak Ehaloak (incumbent)

  • Peter Ohokak

Gjoa Haven

  • Allen Aglukkaq

  • Tony Akoak (incumbent)

  • Gregory A. Nahaglulik

  • Paul Tunik Puqiqnak

  • Veronica Ullulaq

Hudson Bay

  • Mick Appaqaq

  • Ronald Ladd

  • Daniel Qavvik


  • Joanasie Akumalik

  • Adam Arreak Lightstone (incumbent)


  • P.J. Akeeagok

  • Noah Papatsie

  • Dinos Tikivik


  • Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster

  • Christa Kunuk

  • Jeff Ungalaq Maurice


  • James T. Arreak

  • George Hickes (incumbent)

  • Jonathan Chul-Hee Min Park

  • Michael Salomonie


  • Bobby Anavilok

  • Angele Kuliktana

  • Genevieve Nivingalok

  • Calvin Aivgak Pedersen (incumbent)


  • Simon Qingnaqtuq

  • Emiliano Qirngnuq (incumbent)

  • Joseph Inagayuk Quqqiaq


  • Margaret Nakashuk: Acclaimed


  • David Akeeagok: Acclaimed

Rankin Inlet North

  • Albert Aokaut

  • Cathy Towtongie (incumbent)

  • Alexander Sammurtok

Rankin Inlet South

  • Tagak Curley

  • Lorne Kusugak (incumbent)

  • Bobby Oolooyuk


  • Joshua Arreak

  • Karen Nutarak

  • David Qayaakuttuk Qamaniq (incumbent)

South Baffin

  • David Joanasie: Acclaimed


  • Sheila Enook

  • Mary Killiktee

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